Cannabis Delivery: How to Get Cannabis Delivered to Your Door

Cannabis delivery services are booming throughout the United States. If you are thinking about trying out this convenient way of landing your marijuana or hemp goods, check out this how-to guide on cannabis delivery.

Legal cannabis delivered to your door? It may sound too good to be true, but for many Americans, cannabis delivery has become just another convenience, almost as easy as ordering pizza.

Even before the newest pandemic, consumers were increasingly obtaining their marijuana and hemp products by delivery. Now, as more people are stuck at home in the interest of social distancing, cannabis delivery has become an essential service for many. In fact, as the pandemic began to impact the daily routines of people in the U.S., the volume of cannabis delivery orders in states across the country jumped nearly 230 percent, according to a March report from Politico.

While legal cannabis delivery can be accommodating and accessible, there are some important things to know before you hit the checkout button. Here’s how to become a professional at placing a cannabis delivery order.

What is Cannabis Delivery?

Cannabis delivery is comparable to placing a product order online and then having those products delivered to your home. As a consumer, you simply go to a website on your smartphone or computer and shop for cannabis products. Similar to any online purchase, you shop for and then pick out the kind and amount you want. Then, you add the desired items to the cart and proceed to checkout. Many cannabis delivery businesses also take phone orders.

Either way, it is fairly simple and, considering you don’t have to leave your couch to do it, very convenient. There are several services dedicated to helping connect you to a local delivery service. 

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal and are searching for legal marijuana products for delivery, there are several helpful options to get you started with your search (more on that below). 

For hemp CBD products for delivery, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our subsidiary HempMeds® offer high-quality hemp-derived CBD oils and other products for delivery. Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products are legal under federal law. However, individual states may enact their own laws regarding the legality and distribution of hemp-derived CBD. In most cases, our hemp CBD products are legally available.

How Does Cannabis Delivery Work?

Depending on where you live, there may be a few differences in how your cannabis delivery service will work. The basics of it, however, are the same. After you shop through your local menu and find the product or products you want, you will place an order online or call in the order by phone.

First-time shoppers can often get a discount or some promo code by signing up for the company’s newsletter, so be on the lookout prior to checkout. After the order is placed, you should receive a confirmation number through text or email with the price and the estimated time of cannabis delivery. Some sites will allow you to track the progress of your order from processing, to packing, to delivery.

When it comes to marijuana delivery, your products will be delivered on the same day or next day by an individual carrier. Since state-legal marijuana is only accessible to those 21 years and older, this carrier will need to see a form of identification of the person that has made the order.

Most often when the driver arrives, they will call or text to notify you. The pandemic has made curbside delivery an option some prefer, while others prefer to get their order at the door. Whatever you choose, showing your driver’s license or some form of identity is mandatory.

For hemp CBD product delivery, your product in most cases will be delivered through the mail, either by the United States Postal Service (USPS) or a private shipping service like FedEx or UPS. Hemp and hemp-derived products are legal under federal law in the U.S., so many hemp CBD companies ship products through these traditional delivery services.

What About Cannabis Delivery Payment?

Marijuana Delivery Payment

Some cannabis services offer two options, cash or credit, but in the case of marijuana delivery, many are cash-only operations. Because marijuana remains illegal under federal law, marijuana dispensaries generally have difficulty getting banking services and are unable to take credit cards. 

You provide the payment in cash to the carrier upon the delivery of your product. Some may be able to take debit card transactions at the point of purchase. However, to avoid having to download a new app or bother with punching in your debit card information, cash is the way to go.

And don’t forget– whether paying with cash or credit, tipping your friendly delivery driver is always a good choice. The industry standard is 20 percent.

Hemp CBD Delivery Payment

Since hemp is legal under federal law, you generally use a credit or debit card to buy hemp CBD products online.

When buying CBD products online, the experience is very similar to traditional e-commerce shopping. You’ll pay online via credit card, debit card, or through a payments system like PayPal as you make your order.

Cannabis Delivery Guide

Where is Cannabis Delivery Legal?

If you are considering purchasing marijuana for delivery, first make sure that it’s legal and available in your state. Check out our state-level cannabis laws page to find out more.

Adult-use cannabis delivery is legal in these 5 states:

  • California
  • Oregon
  • Maine
  • Nevada (allowing adult-use delivery under emergency rules amid the pandemic)
  • Massachusetts (delivery is legal, but not operational yet)
  • Michigan (allowing adult-use delivery under emergency rules amid the pandemic)

Medical cannabis delivery is legal in these 12 states:

In most cases, hemp products like CBD oil are legally available for delivery. Hemp is legal under federal law. However, individual states do have the right to regulate hemp CBD as they choose.

What Types of Cannabis Can You Purchase Online for Delivery?

As mentioned before there is a difference between hemp-derived CBD and marijuana products. 

Hemp-derived products can be purchased online for delivery by mail. Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first company to bring hemp CBD oil to the market in the U.S. Shop for the highest quality hemp CBD products to be delivered to your door by mail. Some of the hemp-derived cannabis products you can have delivered include CBD oil concentrates, CBD tinctures and liquids, CBD capsules, CBD edibles, and CBD isolate.

When it comes to purchasing marijuana online for delivery, products, strains, and potency are all factors to consider. Each region will have its own brands, sources, and strains. If you are just starting on your cannabis delivery adventure and looking for marijuana products specifically, there are some established sites to use to guide you on your journey, such as Leafly and Weedmaps.

Using verified sites and trusted sources are very important when it comes to cannabis delivery. There are some places that pose as legal marijuana dispensaries and businesses that are not licensed. Purchasing products from those places can be dangerous because the products may contain chemicals or ingredients that do not meet industry standards.

Lab testing regulations for legal cannabis are known to be very strict. That’s why you can feel at ease when using a verified source. Also, trusted sites will have great descriptions and details about different popular marijuana strains — including sativa, indica, and hybrids — or CBD heavy variations.

If you have a question, don’t be afraid to call the company you’re considering purchasing from. They are there to help you choose the best products and make cannabis delivery quick and easy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cannabis Delivery


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