Medical Marijuana, Inc. Crafts Its RSHO® Full-Spectrum CBD Oil from Certified Organic Hemp

Knowing that consumers depend on us for safe and high-quality CBD products, Medical Marijuana, Inc. sources its RSHO® full-spectrum CBD oil from Certified Organic Hemp grown naturally on a generational family-owned farm.

As you browse the full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) oil products available in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop, you’ll likely notice a Certified Organic Hemp Seal.

We are proud that the full-spectrum CBD oil products found in our online shop are sourced from Certified Organic Hemp. Reflective of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s commitment to producing only the highest-quality CBD products available, our superior full-spectrum CBD oil is extracted from hemp grown using organic farming standards.

This includes Real Scientific Hemp Oil® (RSHO®), the world’s leading hemp CBD oil brand. RSHO® helped introduced hemp CBD oil to the United States and is the first approved cannabis product in three Latin American countries: Brazil, Mexico, and Paraguay, as well as the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. The entire line of full-spectrum CBD oil from RSHO® is made with Certified Organic Hemp.

Since our beginning in 2012 when we became the first company to bring hemp CBD oil products to market, our CBD oil has been made from hemp grown a generational family-owned farm in the Netherlands, one of Europe’s leading agricultural countries. This farm has received an Organic Certification from Skal Biocontrole, the control authority in Holland recognized by the European Union (EU). The Skal foundation inspects and determines farms and businesses that meet the EU’s organic farming standards.

By awarding our farm an Organic Certification, the Skal foundation certifies that the land used to grow our non-GMO has been supported with a conversion period to exclude any risks of chemical residue and that the ongoing practices used to cultivate the land follow organic regulations.

Our veteran farmers use centuries of experience handed down over generations to produce thriving 12-foot-tall hemp plants naturally. Thanks to nutritious soil, an ideal growing microclimate, responsible farming practices, and the perfect cultivar of licensed and registered European hempseed, our Certified Organic Hemp serves as an incredible source of CBD and other unique nutrients found in our full-spectrum CBD oil.

Significance of Certified Organic Hemp

Medical Marijuana, Inc. is more dedicated than ever to providing the best CBD you can find anywhere. The Organic Certification obtained by our farm in the Netherlands gives our consumers confidence that the full-spectrum CBD oil products they receive from us are safe and high-quality.

Certified Organic Hemp is a major indicator of quality. Having our hemp officially classified as organic ensures that our plants are grown under high standards in accordance with European organic regulations and the Dutch Agricultural Quality Act.

The Organic Certification awarded by the Skal foundation confirms that our farm meets soil quality, additive, and pest and weed control standards. Since the beginning, our farmers have produced thriving plants while relying on their expertise, natural substances, and ecological farming methods.

Our Certified Organic Hemp has always been grown naturally. Cultivating hemp without chemical additives is important, as all cannabis plants are bioaccumulators and absorb the compounds and substances found in soil. Toxic pesticides and fertilizes can leak into the plant and make their way into finished CBD oil products.

The farming practices used to grow hemp is one of the most important considerations when buying CBD oil. By growing our Certified Organic Hemp naturally, our consumers can purchase and use our full-spectrum CBD oil products while being confident in their integrity and purity.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s Commitment to Quality

The Organic Hemp certification is only one of the ways we convey to our consumers that take the proper steps to purest and healthiest CBD products. As pioneers in the industry, we crafted many of the manufacturing and testing processes that have since become standard.

We use supercritical CO2, rather than damaging solvents, to safely extract our raw full-spectrum CBD oil and its long list of nutritious compounds. Regarded as GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by the FDA, supercritical CO2 extraction protects you, the end-user, and your entire family.

We further ensure the quality of our products with our Triple Lab Tested® standard. This three-point rigorous testing process checks for contaminants and ensures cannabinoid concentrations.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. was also one of the first companies to have CBD oil products awarded the Certified Seal from the U.S. Hemp Authority. This first-ever quality certification program conveys to our customers that our products and practices meet the organization’s stringent quality and safety standards.

Learn More About Hemp and RSHO®

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