Dixie Botanicals® Launches New Strawberry and Tangerine Flavor Options in Popular CBD Oil Tinctures

Medical Marijuana, Inc. brand Dixie Botanicals® adds two new flavors to their highly-popular Dew Drops CBD Oil Tinctures line, giving consumers more choices than before.

Dixie Botanicals® has added two delicious new flavors — strawberry and tangerine — to its line of Dew Drops CBD Oil Tinctures, joining the brand’s already-released vanilla and peppermint options. Designed to offer a more tasty way to enjoy daily servings of CBD oil, these fruity new flavor options give our consumers even more choice when looking for a natural balancing boost anytime throughout the day.

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Dew Drop CBD Oil Tinctures take advantage of the balancing, rejuvenating properties of CBD, infusing broad-spectrum CBD oil into medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil and natural flavoring. An ideal CBD product for both CBD beginners and long-time CBD enthusiasts, Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drops CBD Oil Tinctures are designed to be easily taken under the tongue for fast absorption.

The new strawberry and tangerine flavor Dew Drops CBD Oil Tinctures come in two sizes and potencies. Choose from our 1-ounce bottle containing a total of 250 mg of CBD (8.33 mg CBD per serving) and our 2-ounce bottle with 500 mg of CBD (16.66 mg CBD per serving). Packaged in an amber glass bottle with a handy dropper top, Dew Drops CBD Oil Tinctures make it easy to enjoy the recommended one to two suggested servings per day, or to adjust your intake based on your own personal health needs.

Dixie Botanicals tangerine CBD tincture

Tinctures Made With Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Dixie Botanicals® line of Dew Drops CBD Oil Tinctures are made with broad-spectrum CBD oil, a type of CBD oil that contains the entire list of cannabinoids, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, terpenes, and other compounds native to the hemp plant, except for one — tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The broad-spectrum CBD oil found in Dew Drop CBD Oil Tinctures has undergone a proprietary filtration process to remove detectable levels of THC.

With Dew Drop CBD Oil Tinctures, broad-spectrum CBD oil is infused into nutritious MCT oil sourced from wholesome coconut oil. These saturated fats serve as an effective binding agent for CBD to be efficiently absorbed by the body so that more CBD reaches the body’s systems.

Benefits of Flavored Dew Drops CBD Oil Tinctures

Dixie Botanicals® new strawberry and tangerine Dew Drops CBD Oil Tinctures are formulated to enhance the rejuvenating experience of a daily CBD routine. Daily servings of CBD oil naturally promote health and wellness by supporting the body’s major regulatory network, the endocannabinoid system.

By interacting with cannabinoid receptors found on cells throughout the body, the CBD provided by Dew Drop CBD Oil Tinctures stimulates the endocannabinoid system, promoting balance in the body and homeostasis in the body’s functions.

Hemp-derived CBD oil also delivers a long list of beneficial nutrients that contribute to a complete diet. The broad-spectrum CBD oil in these tinctures retains hemp’s long list of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and more.

With Dew Drop CBD Oil Tinctures, consumers can add the benefits of broad-spectrum CBD oil to their systems in only seconds per day. They’re designed to be taken and held under the tongue for 30-60 seconds, allowing the beneficial compounds to be absorbed right through the mouth’s mucous membranes. Hemp oil has a natural earthy taste, and the delicious natural strawberry and tangerine flavors infused into Dew Drop CBD Oil Tinctures are ideal for anyone who prefers a sweeter taste.

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Dixie Botanicals® full line of Dew Drop CBD Oil Tinctures, including their new strawberry and tangerine options, are available to buy now in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop.