Medical Marijuana, Inc. Subsidiaries Record Biggest Sales Month Ever in July

HempMeds® and subsidiaries HempMeds® Brasil ands HempMeds® Mexico all reached sales milestones last month distributing our top quality hemp CBD brands. 

Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio company HempMeds® and its subsidiaries HempMeds® Brasil and HempMeds® Mexico celebrated the largest-ever sales bookings month in the company’s history in July 2019, starting off the second half of the year on a strong note.

As a distributor of Medical Marijuana, Inc. brands, including our flagship Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ brand, to customers around the world, HempMeds® provides daily use CBD products, including pure hemp oils, capsules, tinctures, bath and body products, and more. 

“We’ve been hard at work further innovating our brand offerings and are seeing great results by driving home the HempMeds promise to be your trusted CBD source. This fundamentally guides our commitment to develop innovative, highest-quality and effective natural products,” said HempMeds® President Todd Morrow. “We have many exciting announcements slated for the second half of the year and hope to broaden our customer base significantly with more new product announcements and retail partnerships.”

In recent months, HempMeds® secured over 100 new retail partners for its line of CBD products, making it easier for customers to purchase HempMeds® products and expanding the reach of our CBD brands. 

The company also expanded its CBD-infused Personal Care Line for skin and hair and launched its Everyday Wellness Line of functional CBD products for digestive, sleep, and immune support. These new brands add CBD to functional products to take advantage of CBD’s benefits and increase overall wellness. You can shop for HempMeds® products here

Medical Marijuana, Inc. also works to build the market for CBD internationally by ensuring that those who are interested in using CBD oil have safe access to quality CBD products. In the case of Mexico and Brazil, providing this meant helping to bring access to patients in these countries, where all cannabis products, including CBD hemp oil, were previously banned. 

HempMeds® Brasil and HempMeds® Mexico, the first to ship legal CBD products to their respective countries, educate patients and doctors in these countries and help to connect them, making the process for accessing CBD easier. HempMeds® Brasil recently hosted its third series of cannabinoid medicine courses in São Paulo to educate doctors in the country about the many possible uses for CBD.

“HempMeds is a large part of our strategy in being a Company of Firsts,” said Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus. “While many know that HempMeds is the first distributor of CBD hemp oil products in the U.S., HempMeds also received the first-ever federal government approvals to import CBD products into both Mexico and Brazil. Since receiving those historic approvals, we have been excited and humbled to watch large new foreign markets develop and to lead the way with HempMeds Mexico and HempMeds Brasil.”

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