Revelry Supply Odor Proof Bags Buyer’s Guide

Water resistant and odor absorbing bags from Revelry Supply keep your stash protected while traveling in style. 

Revelry Supply bags are ideal when traveling with your dry herbs, extracts, and accessories because they both contain and absorb odors, allowing you to keep a low profile when on the go. These bags also feature secret internal stash pockets for discreet packing of personal items. Finally, water resistant construction means that you can take your Revelry Supply bags with you on nearly any adventure and still keep your valuables protected from the elements. 

Keep reading to learn more about what makes Revelry Supply bags stand out against the competition, or jump down to our buyer’s guide for help choosing the best one for you. 

Why Revelry Supply Bags?

Revelry Supply bags and luggage are expertly crafted from top quality materials like durable nylon fabric and cotton canvas, sturdy zippers and clasps, genuine, long lasting leather handles and accents, and activated charcoal filters to capture any scents from escaping. 

The backpacks, totes, and duffle bags from Revelry Supply all include the following features, setting them apart from other luggage brands. 

Rubber backed exterior: Each Revelry Supply bag is made with a nylon or cotton canvas exterior and a heavy duty rubber backing. The rubber backing, invisible from the outside, is the bag’s first line of defense by creating odor containment and resistance to water.

Carbon Filter System: The Revelry Supply carbon filter system features 3 separate layers to help eliminate odors – two outer layers of synthetic filters and a middle layer of activated charcoal. These layers create a powerful filtration system that soaks up all unwanted odors.

Twill Lining: More than just cosmetic, the lining of Revelry Supply bags actually protects the filter system from wear and tear, giving the bag greater longevity.

water proof luggage

Now that you know more about the quality and features of Revelry Supply products, we will help you decide which one of their bags is right for you. 

Picking the Right Revelry Supply Bag

With so much choice, how do you know which Revelry scent and water proof bag to get from our store? We’ve taken the time to break down these bags by style, size, and features to make your choice as easy as possible. 

The Escort 

The Escort features plenty of storage space with multiple pockets, including double side pockets, and a signature padded laptop divider, making it ideal for work, school, travel, or just a busy schedule that needs a stylish bag. 

Available in Marine Blue, Crosshatch Grey, Sage, Ash, Green, Black, Smoke, Striped Dark Grey, and Navy Blue.

  • 17” x 13” x 5”
  • Backpack style bag
  • Padded laptop divider
  • Dual side pockets

water resistant bags

The Drifter

The Drifter roll top backpack is great for everyday hustle and bustle or even a long weekend outdoors. A large main compartment allows for plenty of storage space with a signature roll top expandable top section for even more space. Equipped with comfortable contoured shoulder straps, the Revelry Supply Drifter backpack provides maximum comfort while carrying heavy loads.

Available in Crosshatch Grey, Navy Blue, Green, Ash, Marine Blue, Smoke, Striped Dark Grey, Black, and Sage.

  • 20” x13” x 6”
  • Roll top style backpack
  • Large main compartment
  • Snap closure dual side pockets

odor proof stash bag

The Broker

The Broker is an elegant travel bag, perfect to use as a wallet, handbag, or just a bag for the essentials that need to stay dry and secure. Great for travelling, the Broker will keep your valuables or stash safe with its lock compatible zipper and attached metal ring. You can also use the ring to clip the Broker onto your backpack or inside your duffle when on the road. 

Available in Sage, Ash, Marine Blue, and Smoke.

  • 11” x 6”
  • 0.5L flat bag
  • External metal ring
  • Lock compatible zipper

water proof stash bag

The Confidant

Like the Broker above, the Confidant features a single 0.5L compartment that allows you to safely and discreetly pack your stash. Whether used for storage around your home or while travelling, the odor absorbing and sealable Confidant will keep valuable a secret. 

Available in Navy Blue, Green, Crosshatch Grey, Striped Dark Grey, and Black. 

  • 11” x 6”
  • 0.5L flat bag
  • Double hook and loop seal

The Stowaway

The Stowaway toiletry bag from Revelry Supply is the ultimate travel companion. Filled with compartments and dividers, the Stowaway provides ample storage along with organization to keep every item in its place, no matter how small. The extra padding ensures that fragile items are kept safe.

Available in Green, Black, Sage, Smoke, Ash, Crosshatch Grey, Striped Dark Grey, Navy Blue, and Marine Blue.

  • 11” x 6” x 5”
  • Toiletry Bag
  • Compartment dividers
  • Padded storage

scent proof luggage

The Overnighter

The smallest duffle bag available from Revelry, the Overnighter’s traditional design and leather accents makes it a stylish and practical choice for a quick trip or everyday gym use. There is an inner stash pocket, large side pockets, and a large center compartment for generous amounts of storage in a compact duffle. The bag features lockable metal hardware to protect your valuables and a sealable flap to cover and protect the zipper. 

Available in Ash, Striped Dark Grey, Green, Crosshatch Grey, Black, Smoke, Marine Blue, Navy Blue, and Sage. 

  • 20” x 11” x11”
  • 28L capacity
  • Duffle bag style
  • Removable shoulder strap

odor proof duffle

The Around Towner

More than twice the size of the Overnighter, the Around Towner duffle bag is ready to handle your next extended adventure, whether you are roughing it or travelling in comfort. The Around Towner features signature genuine leather accents for a stylish appearance, but it’s made with durable materials to ensure it can stand up to the toughest conditions. The Around Towner has a large center compartment and a secret stash pocket to keep your valuables safe. The bag’s hardware is also lock compatible to add a layer of protection while travelling. 

Available in Green, Light Grey, Sage, Black, Navy Blue, Striped Dark Grey, Marine Blue, Ash, Crosshatch Grey, and Smoke.

  • 24” x 14” x13”
  • 72L capacity
  • Duffle bag style
  • Removable shoulder strap

odor proof luggage

The Continental

The largest bag available from Revelry Supply, the Continental duffle bag has storage enough for your longer trips with 134 liters of capacity. The Continental includes the same water resistant features as all Revelry Supply bags, including a waterproof zipper and a sealable flap. The bag’s durable construction will protect your things, and its thick metal hardware can be locked with a storage lock for even more security.  

Available in Marine Blue, Striped Dark Grey, Ash, Navy Blue, Crosshatch Grey, Sage, Smoke, Green, and Black. 

  • 30” x 17” x16”
  • 134L capacity
  • Duffle bag style
  • Removable shoulder strap

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