Where Can I Vape?

Our guide to where vaping is and isn’t allowed in private and in public to ensure you are vaping responsibly.

Now that you are ready to start vaping, you want to be sure you are only vaping where it is allowed. Here, we will help you navigate how the different public laws and private policies come together to dictate where vaping is permitted.

At Home

You can vape freely in any home that you own. Most vapor or smells it creates dissipate quickly, so vaping in your home shouldn’t create a lingering unpleasant odor. If you have company visiting, it is considered polite to ask before vaping and to open a window to provide venting.

If you rent, check your lease to see if vaping is allowed in your rental or in common areas you share with neighbors. In many localities, property owners or managers can ban vaping in their rental units, and doing so may put you at risk of breaking your lease agreement.

In the Car

Similarly, you can vape while driving in your car. Be sure to open a window for ventilation or turn your car’s fans on. When driving with minors in the car, some states like California prohibit vaping. If you vape large clouds while driving, you could receive a ticket for obstruction of windshield or similar. It is also polite to ask before vaping and to provide ventilation when you have guests in your car. Check with the rental company before vaping in a rental car, as various companies have different policies.

At Work

You may want to take a break to vape while at work. Most companies approach vaping using the same policy they use for smoking, meaning it must be done outdoors and away from entrances. This policy will usually mirror local laws regarding smoking and/or vaping. Your office or business might even have a designated area reserved for vaping or smoking. In some cases, businesses may allow vaping at work if there is no law prohibiting it.

Read your employee handbook, check work policies, or ask your boss if vaping is allowed at work. They should be able to provide you with any policies you need to know. Even if vaping is allowed at your job, it is good etiquette to ask those working nearby if they mind if you vape.

In Private Businesses

Most states have banned vaping and smoking in all enclosed businesses, including stores, restaurants, and bars. A handful of others have protected the rights of vapers to vape inside bars and restaurants. When visiting a private business, you are held to the policies of that business, as well as the local laws regarding vaping that dictate these policies. It is a good idea to check with an employee before vaping in a private business.

In Public

If you aren’t able to vape indoors, you will likely find yourself vaping outdoors. If you are vaping outdoors in public, there are certain places where vaping is still prohibited. Some localities require vapers to be a minimum distance away from doorways to businesses, schools, or public/government buildings. Public parks, plazas, beaches, and other outdoor venues may ban vaping, even when it is allowed elsewhere in public. Look for signs near entrances to venues like these to see if vaping is permitted or not. The same is likely to hold true for public transportation as well.

Before vaping, it is smart to check local and state laws that govern where and when you can vape. When in doubt, it never hurts to ask, ensuring you aren’t disrupting the people around you.

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