Troubleshooting Common Vaporizer Issues

Vaporizer not working properly? We are here to help with our guide to troubleshooting your vape.

Whether you have the latest smartphone connected vaporizer, a pocket-sized vape pen, or a powerful dry herb vape, it is an investment, and ensuring it is working properly can save you money and guarantee a great vaping experience time after time. Here we troubleshoot the most common problems facing vaporizers to help you keep yours working.

My Vaporizer Battery Isn’t Working or Won’t Turn On

If your vaporizer isn’t lighting up, heating up, or creating vapor, then the problem might be the battery.

  1. Is your battery charged? A dead battery is a common reason for why a vaporizer won’t work. Try fully charging your battery and then trying it again. Make sure when charging that the battery and charger are properly connected and signaling that charging is taking place.
  2. Some vape pens, especially those with a button, need to be turned on before use by pressing the button a certain number of times (usually between 3-5). You can find this information in your vape’s owners manual.

My Vaporizer Isn’t Heating

A vaporizer heats up to a specific temperature in order to vape your oil, liquid, wax, or dry herb vape material. If your vape isn’t heating properly, it can leave you with without vapor to inhale.

  1. If your pen’s atomizer isn’t heating, first to make sure that your battery is charged and turned on.
  2. Then check the connection between the battery and your atomizer or cartridge. If it is dirty, clean it with a cotton swab. You will also want to make sure this connection isn’t overtightened. Some vaporizers have a single unit battery and atomizer and can’t be disconnected.
  3. If your battery is working and correctly connected, then the problem might be the atomizer (the part of the vape that heats up). If possible, remove your vape’s mouthpiece to access its atomizer and see if it heats up. If it doesn’t, it might be time to replace it Many vape atomizers are meant to be replaced over time. You might notice that your atomizer is less powerful before failing. Others might fail without notice. If this is your first time using this atomizer and it isn’t working, then it may be a manufacturing defect in the atomizer itself.

I’m Getting a Burnt or Unpleasant Flavor

Many users vape because they prefer the flavorful vapor their vape creates. However, if you are getting an unpleasant taste from your vape, it can ruin your vaping experience and might signal that something is wrong with your vape.

  1. If you are getting a burnt flavor or your vapor is too hot and you have a variable power battery, try turning down the heat setting. Often the top setting will not be the best option and can taste like it is burning your vape liquid or oil.
  2. If you are getting a burnt or unpleasant flavor, your atomizer might also be failing. Some atomizers aren’t designed to work forever and will need to be replaced over time. This is especially true of those exposed coils used in wax pens. If you can, remove your mouthpiece so you can see your atomizer or coils. Heat your atomizer and see if it is creating vapor.
  3. Be sure not to heat your vape without inhaling from it. This can cause your atomizer to burn the oil in the tank, causing your next few hits to taste burnt. If you accidentally press your button and heat your oil or liquid, this unpleasant taste will typically go away with use.

I’m Not Getting Big Enough Clouds of Vapor

While different voltage batteries, variable heat settings, atomizer power, and even the type of material you are vaping can all affect how big your clouds of vapor will be, you should be getting enough vapor to enjoy the experience.

  1. Make sure that your vape’s tank or cartridge has oil or liquid in it. When your vape is running low, you can get smaller, less full clouds of vapor.
  2. You might need to charge your battery. When a vape battery is low on charge, it produces less heat and creates less vapor.
  3. If your vape has multiple heat settings, try a higher setting to create more heat and produce more vapor.
  4. If your vaporizer is producing less vapor than usual, it could also be a sign that your atomizer or coil is failing. If your vape has replaceable atomizers or cartridges, then it might be time to order a new one.
  5. If none of these help, then you might need to upgrade to a more powerful battery to create the heat necessary for larger clouds of vapor. You can shop the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store for a wide range of vaporizer styles here.

I’m Not Getting Any Draw From My Vape

If you aren’t getting any vapor when you inhale from your vape, then you might have an issue with your vape not generating the heat you need to create vapor or not having any material to vape. If you aren’t getting airflow at all, there is likely a clog in your vape.

  1. If you are not getting any vapor from your vape, first check to make sure your battery is charged, turned on, and properly connected, as described above. You will also want to make sure that your atomizer is heating correctly. If not, it may need to be replaced.
  2. If your battery and atomizer are working, next you will want to make sure that your vape tank or cartridge is full of vape oil or liquid. Be careful, as heating your vape with an empty tank or cartridge can damage your atomizer.
  3. If your vape is creating vapor but you have no airflow, then you might have a clog in your vape. Clogs can be caused by leaking vape oil or liquid or by dust and debris. Try removing your mouthpiece or cartridge and blowing into it. This reverse airflow may release any clogs. You can also try heating your vape while inhaling from it. This combination of heat and suction might release any clogs caused by old oil.

My Vape is Leaking

When a liquid, oil, or wax vaporizer leaks, it can create a mess, waste your valuable vape material, and in the worst instances, ruin your vape pen. Here are some ways to check if your vape is leaking and to prevent it from happening.

  1. If your vape pen is leaking, first check all connections, gaskets, and stoppers around your tank or cartridge to make sure they are properly connected and sealed: especially if you recently filled your vape.
  2. When possible, store your vape standing upright to prevent potential leaking from the unit.
  3. Did you recently drop your vape? Many vapes have a glass tank or cartridge that can break when dropped. If your vape tank or cartridge is cracked, you will need to purchase a replacement.
  4. You can also avoid leaking by avoiding extreme heat, like keeping your vape in a hot car, or high altitudes, like flying in a plane or even driving on some mountains.

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