How Medical Marijuana, Inc. Worked to Advance the Cannabis Industry in the Past Year

This 4/20, we look at how our family of companies have helped to support the cannabis industry, consumers, and patients around the world.

The cannabis industry and cannabis enthusiasts pause this 4/20 to celebrate all things cannabis, including the rapid expansion of legal cannabis, the growing popularity of cannabis use, and the use of cannabinoids to address hard to treat medical conditions. Keep reading to learn more about how Medical Marijuana, Inc. supported the growth of the cannabis industry this year.

Promoting the Use of Cannabinoids and Fighting for Access Worldwide

As new markets warm to legal cannabis in any form, there is sometimes pushback, whether it is from a nervous public, a conservatively minded government, or hesitant medical community.

As part of our mission, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our family of companies work to counter this potential opposition through education efforts around the world with the aim of creating a better understanding of the effects of cannabis and the truth about its use.

Last April, our subsidiary HempMeds® Brasil invited doctors from Brazil to our home offices in San Diego for an educational event. The doctors in attendance toured the Medical Marijuana, Inc. home offices, meeting with Medical Marijuana, Inc. and HempMeds® Brasil executives and employees and seeing the hard work put in to ensuring that patients in Brazil have access to the CBD products prescribed by their doctors.

The group then gathered in our boardroom overlooking the beautiful San Diego Bay for presentations by Medical Marijuana, Inc. executives and noted clinical researchers that explored CBD and its many health and wellness benefits and detailed Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s efforts to spread access to CBD to patients throughout Latin America.

Speakers at the symposium featured executives from our company’s Latin American offices, including HempMeds® Vice President of Latin America Raul Elizalde.

HempMeds® Brasil also sponsored the “A Look Into the Future” International Medicinal Seminar held in Brazil last May. Hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the event explored more closely the potential of cannabis products like CBD oil from RSHO™ in healthcare. The event also covered efforts for expanded access, results of cannabis research, the current regulation of cannabis in Brazil, and the impact medical cannabis can play in public health.

The company continued these efforts to educate local doctors with further events, like the Third Meeting of Former Residents of Neurology, with the aim of giving them the information they need to confidently discuss CBD as a treatment option and prescribe CBD products like those in the Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ brand to their patients.

Europe CBD

The Hemp for Humanity event, hosted by Kannaway, was intended to educate the company’s European market about the benefits of hemp and dispelling common myths about hemp and CBD. At the event, attendees heard from Kannaway executives, the company’s top performing brand ambassadors, CBD experts and advocates, and special needs families who have benefited from hemp products.

Want to learn how you can give back to the cannabis community this 4/20? Find out here.

Using Cannabinoids to Develop New Treatment Options

The Medical Marijuana, Inc. family of companies works to develop new ways to take advantage of the cannabis plant through our portfolio of consumer CBD oil products, hemp clothing and textiles, and even cannabinoid based pharmaceuticals and over the counter treatments.

Two of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s investments, AXIM® Biotechnologies and Kannalife™ Sciences are working towards the development of new cannabinoid-based drugs for a wide variety of conditions.

Last May, AXIM® Biotechnologies obtained the licenses necessary to import and work with the active ingredients in their product MedChew® Rx. Being developed to treat the pain and spasticity linked to Multiple Sclerosis, MedChew® Rx takes advantage of the company’s patent on chewing gum as a delivery method for cannabinoids.

The company is also moving forward on clinical studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of their dronabinol-based drug. Dronabinol is a synthetic form of THC, the main cannabinoid in marijuana. The new dronabinol chewing gum product will be bioequivalent to Marinol(R), and will be used to help treat patients with chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting and AIDS patients experiencing appetite and weight loss.

The company filed a patent this year for a chewing gum composition with controlled release of cannabinoids and opioid agonists and/or antagonists for addiction and/or dependence treatment. The chewing gum may also be used for treatment of chronic pain. With the development of this new product, AXIM® is taking steps to help fight the opioid epidemic in the U.S. News of the company’s efforts against the damage of opioids in America was covered in Reuters.

The company also moved forward with the development of new cannabinoid-based chewing gum treatments for drug-related psychosis and restless leg syndrome. You can learn more about AXIM® Biotechnologies here.

Becoming an Educational Source for All Things Cannabis

Since last 4/20, Medical Marijuana, Inc. has continued our mission of providing the public with the biggest cannabis news, CBD oil product education, cannabinoid science, and basics for cannabis users of all experience levels.

Our cannabis news page covers everything from local and national politics, legalization efforts around the world, important cannabinoid research, and much more. Those interested in keeping up to date with the latest in cannabis news can visit our news page here.

Cannabis 101 reveals everything consumers need to know to safely and responsibly use cannabis products of all types. You can learn how to cultivate your own cannabis at home, how to use common cannabis accessories, how to choose the best products for you, and much more on our Cannabis 101 page now.

For those who want to know more about CBD, one of the fastest trending wellness categories worldwide, we offer our CBD Oil Education page. Here, you can learn about how CBD works, its effects on the human body, and even get help picking the right product for you and your individual needs. You can find our CBD Oil Education page here.

Putting Cannabis Back in the US Pharmacopeia

It has been nearly a century since cannabis has been listed among the drugs and treatments commonly used by the medical community in the U.S. This year, Medical Marijuana, Inc. helped change that when we became the first company to have its CBD products to be included in the Prescribers’ Digital Reference.

The Prescribers’ Digital Reference or “PDR” (known in its hardcopy form as the Physicians’ Desk Reference) delivers comprehensive and innovative knowledge on the health industry’s products and services to support the prescribing decisions of health professionals.

Two products from the Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio, Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) Gold Label and Kannaway Pure Gold CBD, were added to the 2019 edition of the important healthcare resource.

This inclusion of Medical Marijuana, Inc. CBD products in the PDR is an important milestone for CBD as it gains acceptance by the medical community as a health and wellness compound. You can find the entries in the PDR for our CBD products here.

Introducing New Cannabinoid Products

Since last 4/20, Medical Marijuana, Inc. introduced a number of new products to our lineup, keeping our brands competitive in the rapidly growing CBD market.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. launched its newest product in the Dixie Botanicals® brand, a top of the line CBD Vape Cartridge. This ultra portable, disposable vape cartridge makes it easy to take your CBD with you for easy use when on the move and can be used wherever vaping is permitted for a fast, efficient method for discreetly getting your daily CBD. The oil in these vapes is created with pure CBD distillate and flavored with natural terpenes for a slightly sweet citrus and pine flavor. Each 1 ml vape cartridge contains a total of 250 mg of CBD.

The Dixie Botanicals® brand also introduced CBD Gel Caps. Dixie Botanicals® CBD Gel Caps are taste-free and easy to take as part of your daily wellness routine, while their small size makes swallowing them comfortable. Each gel cap offers 25 mg of CBD from our full spectrum CBD hemp oil.

vaping CBD

Shortly after, we added CBD Vape Liquid to the Dixie Botanicals® line. Dixie Botanicals® CBD Vape Liquid is designed to be used in vaporizer pens – portable devices that use a heating element to create an inhalable vapor. Our CBD Vape Liquid works in most liquid-compatible vaporizers, including several in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store. These vaporizers heat our CBD Vape Liquid to its vaporization point, creating full, flavorful vapor. Because it is made with CBD Isolate, this product contains no detectable levels of THC.

RSHO Max Strength

Then, in early 2019, HempMeds® launched our portfolio’s most potent full spectrum CBD products yet, Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) Maximum Strength. This new product contains 4,500 mg of CBD in each 10-gram oral applicator and 225 mg of CBD per half gram serving, making it our strongest CBD product to date. You can also purchase RSHO™ Max Strength in convenient and portable one gram containers.

You can shop the full line of Medical Marijuana, Inc. products here.

Opening New Markets to CBD

An important part of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s mission is to expand access to cannabinoids like CBD to markets around the world, sharing the effects of our CBD oil products with everyone who can benefit.

In May of 2018, HempMeds® partnered with Northshore Pharmacy in Bermuda to sell the company’s flagship Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) CBD oil products in their store. This partnership will make it easier than ever before for consumers to access CBD products in Bermuda.

CBD products are considered a non-prescription product in Bermuda, meaning that customers on the island looking to purchase it do not need to visit a doctor first. A British Overseas Territory, Bermuda is self-governing, with its own constitution and its own government, meaning the island can create a CBD policy separate from that of England.

Then in June of 2018, Medical Marijuana, Inc. had its first CBD products authorized for import into Argentina. Real Scientific Hemp Oil-X™ (RSHO-X™) will now be available for free to qualifying patients as part of the country’s healthcare system.

Argentina’s National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) officially approved the product for import for patients in the country suffering from serious medical conditions. Patients looking to access CBD products in Argentina must register with the Ministry of Health. The government has said it will guarantee free access to CBD oil for all patients who are approved for CBD as a medication.

CBD sale EU

Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Kannaway launched its official European operations late last year, celebrating with its largest event ever. Kannaway’s Europe Grand Opening Event in Prague from November 14-16. Intended to be the company’s official launch in the European market, attendees heard from an impressive list of speakers, were the first to experience Kannaway’s newest products for the European market, heard about Kannaway’s latest developments first-hand.

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