Kannaway Hosts Successful Hemp for Humanity Event in Vienna

As hemp-based CBD grows in popularity in Europe, Kannaway hosts hemp event in Austria to educate business owners, government officials, and the media on the benefits of hemp for the planet and its people.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Kannaway hosted the Hemp for Humanity 2019 event last month in Vienna. The Hemp for Humanity event was held on March 9th to drive interest behind hemp oil products like those from Kannaway in the European Union market.

Kannaway officially launched in the European market with its grand opening event held in Prague last fall, following more than a year of effort to begin operations in the EU. Through a series of events hosted across Europe, including the recent Hemp for Humanity, the company has continued to promote the opportunities presented by hemp.

The day before the Hemp for humanity event, Kannaway hosted an exclusive Leadership Training Session for the company’s top brand ambassadors. An invitation only opportunity, this training session gave these top performing ambassadors the tools and best practices they need when working their Kannaway business, learning from those who know Kannaway best.

The event kicked off the next day with live reggae music to get everybody into the spirit of the day before getting down to the business at hand. The day’s first sessions focused on the role of hemp in industry, hemp’s complicated history, and new innovation in hemp cultivation and its derived products.

First, the CEO of Kannaway Blake Schroeder walked the company’s brand ambassadors, guests, and other attendees through Kannaway’s immense achievements over the past few years and the company’s role as an industry pioneer and leader.

MJNA CEO Dr. Titus

Then, Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc., gave an informative presentation about the status of CBD worldwide, the science behind CBD and its benefits for the human body, and the future of hemp R&D and what it means for companies like Kannaway and others in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. family of companies.

Other Kannaway executives who spoke at the event included International VP Alex Grapov and CMO Stephen Jones.

cannabis special needs charity

The agenda continued with touching stories of families facing challenging circumstances. Andrea Barnes, President of ECHO Connection, introduced the amazing work of this organization, including providing hope and financial assistance to special needs families around the world who are who are interested in or rely on the beneficial effects of cannabinoids like CBD.

CBD families special needs

Speakers during this segment of the event included ordinary people, like Penny Howard and Raul Elizalde, who pushed for the right to have legal access to cannabis and CBD, passionate CBD advocates who have experienced CBD in their own lives, and parents willing to do whatever it takes to help their children.

During the breaks, attendees were treated to a fascinating display about the many uses of hemp. From edibles like chocolate, honey, and hemp seeds to industrial applications like paper, yarn and rope, the exhibition gave Brand Ambassadors the opportunity to see and touch the products at different stages of development and production.

Kannaway CBD event Europe

The company also sold exclusive Hemp for Humanity merchandise, which included bags and t-shirts made from hemp, giving attendees the opportunity to take some souvenirs back home with them to commemorate this groundbreaking European hemp event.

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