Tips for Storing Your Cannabis Extracts

Protect your cannabis extracts by storing them properly, extending their shelf life and protecting its flavor and potency.

Just as with cannabis flower, proper storage of your cannabis extracts is important for preserving the characteristics your prize, like its strength and flavor. While your cannabis extracts will come from the dispensary in some form of storage, like parchment paper or glass jars, following the tips included here, you are sure to get the most out of your valuable cannabis extracts.

What are Cannabis Extracts?

This category of cannabis product includes all extracts of the cannabis plant, especially those that contain cannabinoids, the main active compounds in the cannabis plants.

Cannabis extracts can be made from both the marijuana and hemp forms of the cannabis plant. When made from marijuana, cannabis extracts will contain high levels of THC. When extracted from hemp, extracts will contain high levels of CBD.

Cannabis extracts are created by passing a solvent, such as butane, hexane, isopropyl, or CO2, through cured or fresh cannabis material that has been thoroughly ground. This produces a thick green or amber-colored cannabis oil, depending on the solvent and extraction method used, that is full of the plant’s active chemical compounds.

Next, when appropriate, the solvent is purged from the cannabis oil using heat and vacuum. The resulting cannabis concentrate is then processed into one of a number of potential forms, including wax, crumble, honeycomb, sap, budder, live resin, shatter, and even isolate.

These concentrates are then vaporized or “dabbed” by consumers from a vape pen or specially equipped water pipe called a dab rig. With a potency ranging between 50-90 percent cannabinoids by weight, extracts like shatter are a fast, efficient, smoke-free way to consume cannabis.

Cannabis extracts can also be formulated into products like edibles, tinctures, skin care products, and more.

silicone dab jar

What Should I Look for in Cannabis Extract Storage?

You can protect your cannabis extracts from the outside world by storing them conveniently in easy to use non-stick silicone.

Silicone containers should be your first choice in cannabis extract storage because they are sturdy and durable, so you can take your extracts with you when you are on the go. Since silicone is impact resistant, it will stand up to the most rugged use while protecting your cannabis extract inside.

Cannabis extracts purchased from a dispensary, it will often come wrapped in parchment paper slid into a small cardboard square. It is important to note that extracts should not be stored in wax paper because they will stick. Your cannabis extracts might also come in plastic or glass containers. These also won’t be as non-stick as a silicone container.

For that reason, it is a good idea to transfer your cannabis extracts from the glass, plastic, or parchment paper that it came in when you purchased it to a silicone container. One reason for this is the potential stickiness of some forms of herbal extracts. While your extracts may stick to a glass or plastic container, especially if allowed to melt or get soft, causing a loss of your valuable herbal extracts. Your cannabis extracts, however, won’t stick to quality silicone material, so you will be able to use all of your extract.

Silicone containers work best with drier extracts like waxes, shatters, and budders and tackier extracts like sap. They are also perfect for your homemade rosin. If your cannabis extract is in liquid form, it may leak out of the container.

How to Use Cannabis Extract Storage

When used correctly, it won’t take long for your silicone storage container to become an integral part of your cannabis routine.

To open your silicone storage, find the seam for the lid and pry open, separating the lid from the base. You can then use your dab tool to transfer your extract from its original container to your silicone storage. If your silicone storage is already loaded with your cannabis extract, be careful not to let it fall out when opening.

Once your storage container is open, you can use your dab tool to load up your desired size dab. If your cannabis extract is difficult to work with, it sometimes helps to gently heat your dab tool first. Because the silicone is heat resistant, your hot dabber won’t damage it. That means you can also rest your dabber on your silicone storage between or after dabs.

To close your silicone storage, place the lid back on the container, being careful not to allow any of your cannabis extract to fall out, and press the sides together until it tightly seals.

Finding the Best Cannabis Storage

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