How to Use Cannabis Storage Accessories

Everything you need to know about storing your cannabis dry flower and extracts in cannabis storage containers to best preserve their quality.

Cannabis storage options have moved beyond clear plastic baggies and mason jars to innovative containers made specifically for storing dry marijuana flower and marijuana extracts.

Storage of your marijuana extracts and dry flower is critical to preserving its potency and flavor to make sure you get your money’s worth with your favorite marijuana flower and extracts.

Learn more about the advantages of using proper cannabis storage containers for your marijuana products below.

Storing Marijuana Flower

Your favorite marijuana flower will taste, smell, and smoke their best when kept fresh and not allowed to dry out. Designed to keep your marijuana flower at its best, sealable containers like the TightVac are a must to preserve your cannabis and protect its quality.

Why is Proper Cannabis Storage Important?

Improperly stored marijuana flower can quickly dry out, losing potency and flavor – or worse, mold can grow, rendering it dangerous to consume. That makes protecting it from environmental exposure all the more important. 

If you use a high quality container for storing your marijuana flower, it can remain fresh, fragrant, and pleasant to consume for months or more without losing its potency.

To store your marijuana flower, you need to control several factors: light, heat, humidity, and airflow. Preventing your marijuana’s exposure to these elements will ensure it remains fresh and smokes properly. Since heat, light, and even exposure to oxygen in the air can cause marijuana flower to lose potency and flavor, you are ideally looking for a cool, dark, and dry place to store your dry herb.

To control these critical factors when storing your marijuana flower, you will want to keep your marijuana in an airtight jar to minimize air exchange and changes in relative humidity, which should be kept near 62 percent. You will also want to store your marijuana at a temperature range of about 60-70 degrees fahrenheit, especially for long term storage.

Best Dry Herb Storage

To best preserve your dry flower, you will want to use a storage container that can first and foremost protect it from exposure to light and air – both of which can dry out your herb and degrade its active compounds. For this reason, innovative storage containers like the TightVac are an excellent solution to long and short term storage.

how to store marijuana buds

The TightVac comes in multiple sizes: including, .57L and 2.35L. The smaller size should hold a half ounce to an ounce of dry flower. The larger size will store up to 4 ounces or more. These, of course, are just guidelines, as these numbers will change depending on the density of your herb.

TightVac containers are water resistant to keep your flower from getting wet or moldy, and its partial vacuum seal technology provides a more airtight seal than basic jars you might use by default, so your dry herb will last longer. When choosing your TightVac storage, choosing black or tinted plastic over clear plastic will further protect it from the negative effects of light, especially sunlight.

How to Use Dry Herb Storage

When picking between size choices in your TightVac storage, you will want to choose one that will fit your dry herb without compacting it. If you cannot fit your dry herb in your storage without compressing it down, then you are better off using a larger size.

Once you fill your TightVac container, you are ready to seal it. Some users will also drop a humidifier pack in their storage container to further add to their dry herb’s longevity. To seal your TightVac jar, press and hold the button on the lid while placing it on the base. Once the lid is in place, you can release the button, creating a partial vacuum seal that minimizes air exchange but still allowing degassing.

Once sealed, you should place your TightVac jar in a cool, dark, dry place to increase its efficacy. When you need to access your dry herb, simply press the button and remove the lid. To reseal, press the button again and replace the lid.

Storing Marijuana Extracts

If you prefer to use marijuana extracts like wax or shatter, it is a good idea to purchase a silicone storage container designed to hold these types of concentrates.   

Why is Proper Storage Important?

Silicone is far and away the most popular choice in material for cannabis extract storage solutions for the range of benefits it offers, such as heat resistant and non-stick properties.  

Because of the tendency of some cannabis extracts to stick to most surfaces, including plastic, glass, and metal used in other storage options, a non-stick container made from silicone is a smart option to ensure you don’t waste any of your concentrate. Non-stick storage options also make it easier to load your marijuana extract onto your dab tool.

You will also want a silicone container because they are heat resistant, so you don’t need to worry about your hot dab tool melting or burning your container while loading your dab or if you rest your dabber on it.

Best Herbal Extract Storage

The KandyPens Storage Ball should be your first choice in extract storage. This silicone container works best with drier extracts like waxes, shatters, budders, and more, protecting them from the outside world and storing them conveniently in easy to use non-stick silicone.

storing dabs marijuana extract

The top quality, BPA free silicone used in the KandyPens Storage Ball makes it sturdy and durable, so you can take your extracts with you when you are on the go. Since silicone is impact resistant, the KandyPens Storage Ball will stand up to the most rugged use while protecting your herbal extract inside.

How to Use Silicone Extract Storage

It is a good idea to transfer your extracts from the glass, plastic, or parchment paper that it came in when you purchased it to a silicone container like the KandyPens Storage Ball. One reason for this is the potential stickiness of some forms of extracts. While your extracts may stick to a glass or plastic container, especially if allowed to melt or get soft, causing a loss of your valuable extracts. You extracts, however, won’t stick to the quality silicone material that is used in the KandyPens Storage Ball, so you will be able to use all of your extract.

To open your storage ball, find the seam and pry open, separating the two parts of the storage ball. You can then use your dab tool to transfer your extract from its original container to your silicone storage ball. If your KandyPens Storage Ball is already loaded with your extract, be careful not to let it fall out when opening.

Once your storage ball is open, you can use your dab tool to load up your desired size dab. If your herbal extract is difficult to work with, it sometimes helps to gently heat your dab tool first. Because the KandyPens Storage Ball is heat resistant, your hot dabber won’t damage it. That means you can also rest your dabber on your silicone storage ball between or after dabs.

To close your KandyPens Storage Ball, place both sides together, being careful not to allow any of your extract to fall out, and press the sides together until it tightly seals.

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