Accessories Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to know to buy your ideal pipe, rig, water pipe, storage, or grinder.

If you use dry herb or herbal extracts, the right accessories can offer you a cleaner, easier, more flavorful experience. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert, our guide can help you find your new favorite pipe, rig, and more.

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Storage of your herbal extracts and dry herb is critical to preserving its potency and flavor. Medical Marijuana, Inc. offers top quality storage options to make sure you get your money’s worth with your favorite herbs and extracts.

It is generally accepted that dry herbs taste, smell, and smoke their best when kept fresh and not allowed to dry out. With that in mind, you can find storage solutions for your cured dry herbs in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store.

To best preserve your dry flower, you will want a storage container that can protect it from exposure to light and air – both of which can dry out your herb and degrade its active compounds. Storage containers like the TightVac are an excellent solution to long and short term storage.

We offer the TightVac in two sizes: .57L and 2.35L. The smaller size should hold a half ounce to an ounce of dry flower. The larger size will store up to 4 ounces or more. These, of course, are just guidelines, as these numbers will change depending on the density of your herb.

TightVac containers are water resistant to keep your flower from getting wet or moldy, and its partial vacuum seal technology provides a more airtight seal than basic jars you might use by default, so your dry herb will last longer.

If you prefer to use botanical extracts like wax or shatter, it is a good idea to purchase a silicone storage container like the KandyPens Storage Ball.  

Because of the tendency of some botanical extracts – like waxes, shatters, budders, and more – to stick to most surfaces, including plastic, glass, and metal used in other storage options, a non-stick container made from silicone is a smart option to ensure you don’t waste any of your concentrates. Non-stick storage options like the KandyPens Storage Ball can also make it easier to load your extract onto your dab tool.

The KandyPens Storage Ball is also heat-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about your hot dab tool melting or burning your silicone container.

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To get the kind of fine consistency most consumers prefer, use a grinder to break up their dry flower instead of doing it by hand. Grinders also make breaking up large amounts of flower a much faster process. The top grinders have strong teeth to shred and tear your dry flower, giving you a consistent grind. Grinders with multiple chambers make it easier to remove your dry herb after it is ground. Here are three choices in grinders for all price ranges.

The best choice in our store for a grinder is the Santa Cruz Shredder 4-Piece Grinder. It’s larger 2 1/8″ diameter allows you to grind up larger amounts of dry flower at a single time. Its three chamber functionality makes it easy to remove your ground flower, while the kief catcher captures those trichomes that get knocked off your flower while grinding.

marijuana flower grinder

The Storz & Bickel Authentic Volcano Grinder also features a generous 2.2″ width size but it comes in just two pieces, removing the functionality of the ground herb chamber and the kief catcher found in the 4-piece grinder. The smaller size and simpler 2-piece design is great for anyone using their grinder for lighter loads or while on-the-go. Like the Santa Cruz Shredder 4-piece model, this 2-piece grinder features strong teeth to shred your dry flower.

Finally, a cost effective choice is our 2-piece wooden grinder. At 51 mm, it falls in between the larger and smaller Herbivore Grinders in size. Made of rosewood with metal pegs to pull and grind your dry flower, this grinder is a great base level tool for occasional users.  


Pipes are one of the most popular methods for users to consume dry flower. This is largely due to the wide variety of sizes and shapes, as well as the ease of use and portability pipes provide. Some things to look for when buying your pipe are the materials from which it is made, the size of the pipe’s bowl, and the size of the pipe itself.

Pipes are sometimes called a “bowl” for the concave shape of the opening into which you load your dry herb. When smoking out of a pipe, the dry flower placed into the pipe and smoked can also be called a “bowl”, as in, “Let’s go smoke a bowl.”

Pipes are used by lighting the dry herb loaded into the bowl and inhaling the smoke through the mouthpiece. Some pipes come with a carb hole, which allows you to control air flow and to clear the chamber of smoke when inhaling.

When shopping for a new pipe, there are a few features to look out for that will help you choose between the options in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store.

glass weed pipe

The first thing you’ll want to consider is the shape you prefer. Some pipes, like the Marley Natural Glass Taster, are smaller and shaped like a tiny cigar. These taster style pipes allow for quick, small bowls of just a puff or two.

Spoon style pipes have a bowl chamber on top of one end and a longer stem leading to the mouthpiece. These are the most common pipe style for the use of dry herbs. They offer similar portability to taster style pipes but let you pack a larger bowl for a longer session.

marijuana pipe bob marley

The Marley Natural Rise Up Spoon is made of solid borosilicate glass for flavorful hits, durability, and heat resistance. If you prefer larger hits from your pipe, you might try the Marley Natural Glass Steamroller. The steamroller’s oversized stem works as a chamber to hold a thick cloud of smoke for thick, powerful hits.

how to use marijuana pipe

Also made using borosilicate glass in the bowl and stem, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe is surrounded by an aerospace-grade aluminum shell, adding to its durability. The Prometheus Pocket Pipe comes with a rubber strap that covers the bowl, allowing you to pack the pipe for future use or save leftover hits from a bowl for use later. The Pocket Pipe lives up to its name, sliding into any pocket, purse, or bag.

silicone marijuana pipe

The Eyce Spoon also appeals to consumers looking for a durable, pocket-friendly pipe. With a recessed borosilicate bowl and a silicone stem and mouthpiece, the Eyce Spoon will survive where an all-glass pipe would not.

Water Pipes: Bongs & Bubblers

Bongs and bubblers function similarly to pipes but add the use of water to cool and filter the smoke from your dry herbs. While this makes these accessories less portable than pipes, it improves the smoking experience for the user by conditioning the smoke for a smoother hit.

When looking for your new water pipe, you’ll want to consider the size of the water pipe, the material from which it is made, and whether it uses a carb or slide to clear it. The best bong will be the one that fits your needs.

A typical water pipe (sometimes referred to as a bubbler due to the sound it makes when inhaling from it) will look similar to a spoon style pipe. However, it has an added chamber that can be filled with water for a less harsh, more enjoyable hit.

The Marley Natural Rise Up Bubbler and Eyce Hammer Bubbler are classic examples of the bubbler style of pipe, combining features of a bong and a traditional pipe. Both use borosilicate glass, but the Eyce Hammer Bubbler also has top quality silicone throughout for a more durable construction.

Bongs are larger water pipes, allowing you to filter much larger hits through its water chamber. Because of their larger sizes, bongs are primarily used as table top smoking accessories and aren’t ideal for portable use.

bob marley bong

The Marley Natural Rise Up beaker-style water pipe has traditional bong shape and functionality. The piece features tinted borosilicate glass construction and an eight slot glass percolator for increased bubble action and an ice catcher for an even cooler, smoother hit.

complete bong kit

The Higher Standards beaker-style water pipe is also made of high grade borosilicate glass and has a prong style ice catcher to improve the quality of your smoke. With a large 8 inch diameter neck, the Higher Standards Beaker Water Pipe allows for fuller hits.

silicone weed bong

Want the advantages of a beaker-style water pipe but demand portability and durability in your pipe? The Eyce Beaker is made with impact resistant silicone with a borosilicate glass bowl, and like the all-glass Marley Natural and Higher Standards beakers, the Eyce Beaker features an ice catcher if you prefer ice cold hits.

Dab Rigs

Using functionality similar to water pipes, dab rigs allow you to flash vaporize your botanical extracts and inhale the vapor through water to filter and cool it. When choosing a new dab rig, you’ll want to take rig size, nail material, and whether or not it has a diffused downstem into consideration.

buy complete dab kit sale

New to dabbing? The Higher Standards Rig Kit has everything you need to get started, including a rig and quartz banger (bucket), a four chamber silicon container for concentrate storage, and premium dab tools. Thick borosilicate glass hints at the rig’s high quality, and a diffused downstem generates cooler vapor.

silicone dab rig

Eyce offers dab rigs made from impact resistant, lightweight, easy to clean silicone, making them a practical choice for a wide range of dabbers. First, the Eyce Rig II was designed to be an incredibly functional dab rig, with an included reversible 10mm titanium nail, slots for a variety of dab tools, and a built in container for your favorite botanical concentrates.

silicone sidecar quartz bucket

If you prefer to use a quartz bucket or “banger” for cleaner, more flavorful dabs, then the Eyce Sidecar Rig is ideal for you. Like the Eyce Rig II, the Eyce Sidecar Rig has a built in dab tool holder and hidden concentrates container, but it also features an external male fitting, meaning you can swap out the included quartz bucket for a titanium or ceramic nail.

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll enjoy the convenient smaller size, durable materials, and amazing functionality of these Eyce rigs.

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