HempMeds® Introduces RSHO™ Max Strength Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ Max Strength is the most potent CBD product per serving size available from the Medical Marijuana, Inc. family of companies.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio company HempMeds® recently announced the launch of its new Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) Maximum Strength. RSHO™ Max Strength is the most potent full-spectrum product ever offered by HempMeds® with a whopping 45% CBD.

“We developed Real Scientific Hemp Oil Maximum Strength because of our promise to continuously evolve and lead the industry with quality and innovation,” said HempMeds® President Todd Morrow.

This new product contains 4,500 mg of CBD in each 10-gram oral applicator and 225 mg of CBD per half gram serving, making it our strongest CBD product to date. You can also purchase RSHO™ Max Strength in convenient and portable one-gram containers.

RSHO™ Max Strength features both CBD and its raw form CBDa. This is due to its proprietary blend of premium RSHO™ hemp oils, including RSHO™ Green Label raw CBD oil and RSHO™ Gold decarboxylated and filtered CBD oil.

RSHO™ Max Strength can be taken sublingually by dispensing the oil onto a spoon and then placing the oil under the tongue. The oil can then be held for a minute or more before swallowing. Full-spectrum hemp oil products like RSHO™ Max Strength can also be taken orally by dispensing the oil into an empty capsule and taken as you would any capsule or pill.

“This product brings consumers a new level of full spectrum concentration to assist those who can benefit most from a higher concentration oral applicator product. We will continue to drive industry innovation and offer products that stand by our promise to deliver safe, high-quality and meaningful ingestible or topical formulations that can help make a difference for those who benefit from CBD,” Morrow continued.

HempMeds® was the first company to ever bring hemp-based CBD oil products to market in the U.S. in 2012 and continued to make history, helping Medical Marijuana, Inc. in becoming A Company of Firsts® along the way.

Behind their flagship brand, Real Scientific Hemp Oil™, HempMeds® was the first-ever company to receive historic federal government import approvals for its CBD products in the nations of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Paraguay. Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ products are also legal in Canada, where the brand is distributed through Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s partner Salvation Botanicals.

RSHO™ Max Strength will be available soon through the Medical Marijuana, Inc. store. Shop now to see other CBD oil products in the Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ line.