Medical Marijuana, Inc. Launches Real Scientific® Brand in Canada

With launch of new website and social media presence, Real Scientific® brand is ready to become a leader in the new Canadian cannabis market.

Canada recently became just the second country to legalize recreational cannabis use at a national level. The Cannabis Act, also known as Bill C-45, creates a national regulatory framework and makes it legal for adults 18 years and older to purchase and possess cannabis products.  

After cannabis legalization goes into effect on October 17th, Real Scientific® products will soon be available in retail locations across Canada.

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The Real Scientific® Brand

Since 2014, the Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ brand has brought access to safe, reliable cannabinoids to consumers across the globe. First distributed nationally in the U.S., Real Scientific® products have been accepted internationally by more than 40 countries.

Now, Medical Marijuana, Inc. is bringing our world renown Real Scientific® brand to Canada. Consumers in Canada will be able to purchase our popular Green, Blue, and Gold Label cannabis oil in products specifically designed for the Canadian market.

Like all of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s products, those distributed in Canada will be held to the same strict quality standards of manufacturing and testing to protect the integrity of our brand.

How Can I Get Real Scientific® Products in Canada?

Under the recently passed Cannabis Act, adults aged 18 and over can purchase Real Scientific® cannabis products from approved stores operating throughout Canada.

According to the Canadian government’s website, provinces and territories will have ultimate control over how cannabis is distributed and sold in their locals. Provinces and territories will have the ability to set rules around how cannabis can be sold, where stores may be located, and how stores must be operated.

Provinces and territories will also have the flexibility to set added restrictions, including lowering possession limits, increasing the minimum age, restricting where cannabis may be used in public, and setting added requirements on personal cultivation.

You’ll want to check your local provincial or territorial cannabis regulations for more details. You can find these local laws below.

Find Us in Canada

Real Scientific® products can be found in authorized legal cannabis dispensaries across Canada.

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