Medical Marijuana, Inc. Secures Distribution in Canada with Salvation Botanicals

Taking advantage of Canada’s upcoming cannabis market, Medical Marijuana, Inc. signs deal with major manufacturer to formulate our popular brands.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our portfolio of brands, like Real Scientific® and Dixie Botanicals®, are headed to Canada and will be available when the legal cannabis market in Canada opens this October.

We have taken the next step in our expansion into the Canadian cannabis market with our recent contract signing with Salvation Botanicals. One of Canada’s top licensed labs and formulators, Salvation Botanicals will manufacture the products from our most popular brands for distribution throughout Canada’s legal market.

“We’re thrilled to sign this agreement and bring our expertise into the Canadian market, especially with a respected partner such as Salvation Botanicals,” said Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus. “The Canadian cannabis market is projected to skyrocket over the next year and we are looking forward to providing the Canadian market with the best products available.”

Medical Marijuana, Inc. will launch in Canada with products from our Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ and Dixie Botanicals® brands. We will also be introducing THC products for the first time, taking full advantage of Canada’s legal cannabis market, including medical and recreational use.

As the country’s cannabis regulations change to adapt to the maturing market, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and Salvation Botanicals will be well positioned to pivot, adding new products as the opportunity arises.

Salvation Botanicals

Salvation Botanicals is a leader in the evolving Canadian cannabis market. The company offers high-volume production methods and an analytical lab to ensure consistent potency of their cannabinoid products and to protect their products from contamination.

Incorporated in 2011, the Salvation Botanicals operates one of the first fully licensed Analytics Laboratories in Canada. The company is also approved as a contract extract producer, with authority to extract and produce oil, capsules, and tinctures within Health Canada guidelines.

“Recognizing the commitment that Medical Marijuana, Inc. has to our shared goals, we have the opportunity to produce innovative cannabis-based products, including CBD that will positively impact the Canadian market,” said Salvation Botanicals CEO Cliff Wiltshire. “The alignment of Salvation Botanicals and Medical Marijuana Inc. in the cannabis industry will provide a real win for consumers.”

Canadian Market

Canada recently became just the second country to legalize recreational cannabis use at a national level. The Cannabis Act, also known as Bill C-45, creates a national regulatory framework and makes it legal for adults 18 years and older to purchase and possess cannabis products.  

“We are delighted to celebrate this new international opportunity and be at the forefront of Canada’s new recreational market,” said Medical Marijuana, Inc. Director of Canadian Operations Kenneth Smith. “Salvation Botanicals is a highly reputable company in Canada and we believe that together we can become leaders in cannabis education during this time of historic transition.”

While much of the focus in recent weeks has been on recreational marijuana legalization, another effect of Canada’s Cannabis Act is that hemp farmers will be able to sell their crops to licensed producers for CBD extraction, a shift away from a previous policy that banned the creation and distribution of CBD from hemp flowers in Canada. InnoTech Alberta has predicted the overall Canadian hemp industry could be worth $1 billion a year by 2023, with a large percentage of that coming from the sale of CBD products.

The fully legalized cannabis industry in Canada, including the medical and recreational cannabis markets, is expected to break $5 billion in Canadian dollars by 2021 under the new regulation in the Cannabis Act.

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