Kannaway Partners with MLB Legend Goose Gossage to Tell CBD Story on Kannaway Sports

Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Kannaway introduces newest member of its Kannaway Sports team to provide a testimonial to its website.

Kannaway recently announced its latest athlete partnership for its Kannaway Sports initiative – Goose Gossage. Gossage is the first former Major League Baseball player to join Kannaway and reveal how CBD has improved their overall quality of life after a lifetime of physical activity.

“We’re looking forward to working with Goose Gossage to continue spreading awareness about the health and wellness benefits of CBD,” said Kannaway® CEO Blake Schroeder. “His personal story is a prime example of how CBD is a great product that can be taken daily to help people, especially former athletes, continue living active lifestyles and we are thrilled to have such a passionate spokesperson join our team.”

Goose Gossage is a Pro Baseball Hall of Famer and former New York Yankees and San Diego Padres right-hand relief pitcher. He recently added Kannaway’s CBD products to his routine, reporting significant benefits with daily use.

“Playing baseball for twenty-two years can cause a lot of wear and tear, and I am so excited about what Kannaway CBD products have done for me,” says Gossage. “I take two tablespoons of the Kannaway Pure CBD every morning and night, along with the Gold Premium Oil Oral Applicator, and I feel unbelievably better.”

Gossage learned about CBD at a golf outing in Arizona. He had been talking to some of the football players attending the outing (including members of the Kannaway Sports team) who had mentioned using CBD each day and the benefits they were seeing. Gossage began thinking that this was something that could help him.

“I had an open mind and liked that it was all natural,” Gossage reveals. He began taking CBD daily. After a few months, he noticed some benefits but wasn’t satisfied. Gossage doubled his daily use on the recommendation of a fellow Kannaway Sports athlete and noticed the difference right away. “I’m really excited about where I was before CBD and where I am now with what CBD has done for me. I hope my story can help spread awareness on the benefits of CBD,” Gossage continued.

Kannaway Sports furthers Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s core goal of expanding access to and an understanding of CBD to a worldwide market. Just like consumers everywhere, athletes are beginning to take advantage of CBD’s effects.

“It is a privilege to partner with individuals and athletes such as Goose Gossage who share the same goal of increasing education and access to CBD in the U.S. and throughout the world,” said Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Stuart Titus. “We hope this partnership will help people understand that CBD isn’t something that people take to get high, it’s something that they take to get healthy.”

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