HempMeds® Brasil Hosts Informational Events to Educate Doctors on Benefits of Prescribing CBD

Since the start of the year, HempMeds® Brasil has hosted and sponsored educational events throughout Brazil and in San Diego to promote the proper use of CBD.

HempMeds® Brasil continues its strategy of connecting with doctors to ensure that CBD is part of the conversation with their patients when planning a treatment for a number of medical conditions. This includes an event scheduled for this weekend that will reveal how CBD is already being used as a treatment option and the latest in cannabis research.

Upcoming Doctor’s Event in Brazil

A doctor and longtime prescriber of our products in Brazil is hosting an educational event for his graduating students. This event is intended to give them the information they need to confidently discuss CBD as a treatment option and prescribe CBD products like those in the Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ brand to their patients.

The Third Meeting of Former Residents of Neurology will be held at John Paul II Children’s Hospital in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil on Aug. 25 with the goal of educating new doctors on best practices for adding CBD to a patient’s treatment.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO Dr. Titus will be one of the keynote speakers at the event, sharing his personal experience and extensive knowledge regarding the therapeutic use of CBD.

“We are looking forward to having a discussion on the benefits of cannabis and expanded access to CBD in Brazil,” said Dr. Titus. “We want to support CBD access around the world and further develop our ongoing relationship with Brazilian healthcare professionals.”

The event will also include a lineup of reputable speakers including noted child neurologist Dr. Rubens Wajnsztejn and more.

Educational events like these are a key part of HempMeds® Brasil’s strategy of educating doctors throughout Brazil on how CBD can benefits their patients.

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Educational Events for Doctors

Earlier this year, HempMeds® Brasil hosted and sponsored events at home in San Diego and in Rio de Janeiro to build relationships with doctors in Brazil and share with them the latest information and studies tied to CBD.

First, HempMeds® Brasil invited doctors from Brazil to an educational symposium on CBD, scientific research, and best practices for prescribing it. The event was hosted at Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s offices in downtown San Diego on Monday, April 30.

The doctors in attendance toured the Medical Marijuana, Inc. home offices, meeting with Medical Marijuana, Inc. and HempMeds® Brasil executives and employees and seeing the hard work put in to ensuring that patients in Brazil have access to the CBD products prescribed by their doctors.

The group then gathered in our boardroom overlooking the beautiful San Diego Bay for presentations by Medical Marijuana, Inc. executives and noted clinical researchers that explored CBD and its many health and wellness benefits and detailed Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s efforts to spread access to CBD to patients throughout Latin America.

Speakers at the symposium featured executives from our company’s Latin American offices, including HempMeds® Vice President of Latin America Raul Elizalde.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO and respected cannabinoid expert Dr. Stuart Titus spoke at the event, sharing his knowledge and experience regarding CBD.

Then, just weeks later, Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio company HempMeds® Brasil sponsored the “A Look Into the Future” International Medicinal Seminar held in Brazil.

The event was held from May 18-19 in Rio de Janeiro, the event explored more closely the potential of cannabis products like CBD oil from RSHO™ in healthcare. The event covered efforts for expanded access, results of cannabis research, the current regulation of cannabis in Brazil, and the impact medical cannabis can play in public health.

Speakers and participants at the event included the CEO of ANVISA, Brazil’s health authority, experts on cancer, autism, and neurological diseases, and cannabis researchers. An international event, doctors from Australia, Canada, Holland, Chile, and Colombia shared their experiences with medical cannabis, including CBD.

Along with being a main sponsor for the event, HempMeds® Brasil hosted a booth at the event where patients, doctors and health professionals, business owners, and other attendees could stop by to learn more about the company, the RSHO™ line of CBD oil products, and the promise CBD holds as a therapeutic compound in Brazil.

Father Who Fought For CBD Access for Daughter Partners as HempMeds® Brasil Spokesperson

HempMeds® Brasil also partnered with a new spokesperson, Norberto Fischer, this spring. This partnership will help HempMeds® Brasil spread an understanding of how CBD can be used in Brazil’s healthcare system and connect with patients and their families throughout the country.

The spark for legalization of cannabinoid-based products in Brazil can be traced to one family doing what it took to ensure their daughter received the CBD the family believed would make a difference in her life.

The Fischer family includes Anny, a little girl with special needs. Four years ago, the family began looking for a natural alternative to harsher chemical options provided by Anny’s specialists. That is when they discovered Real Scientific Hemp Oil™.

This would ignite a nationwide grassroots effort for the legalization of CBD products in Brazil for qualifying patients. With the help of HempMeds® Brasil, families in Brazil organized, demanding RSHO™ for their own children.

HempMeds® Brasil now works with thousands of families in need to help them legally get access to RSHO™. The company is also working hard to educate the medical community and regulatory agencies to make the process for obtaining cannabis products like RSHO™ easier.

Norberto has recently signed a partnership with HempMeds® Brasil to make him the spokesperson for the company in Brazil and around the world. He will promote the company’s top quality CBD oil products and share his family’s experience fighting for and using CBD oil products for Anny.

Norberto will also appear as a guest columnist on the HempMeds® Brasil blog, sharing his unique expertise and personal experiences with the blog’s readers, including doctors, patients, and their families around Brazil.

Learn More About HempMeds® Brasil

You can find additional information about HempMeds® Brasil, the company’s efforts to increase access to CBD products in Brazil, and other developments from the Medical Marijuana, Inc. family of companies on our news feed.

Patients and doctors in Brazil hoping to learn more about the process for accessing CBD can visit the HempMeds® Brasil website here.