Norberto Fischer, Father of Brazil’s First CBD Patient, Partners with Medical Marijuana, Inc. as Spokesperson

Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s newest spokesperson scheduled to visit company’s corporate offices to plan new role advocating for RSHO™.

To what lengths would you go to give your child a better quality of life? Would you take on your country’s government in the court of law to protect their health and wellbeing?

That is what one father, Norberto Fischer, and his family did for one of their daughters, forever changing the Brazil’s approach to CBD in the process.

Now Norberto is a vocal advocate for CBD access in his own country and throughout Latin America. He recently partnered with HempMeds® Brasil to become their spokesperson. He also provides a regular column to the HempMeds® Brasil blog.

Learn more about Norberto’s incredible story below.

Fighting for CBD Access in Brazil

The spark for legalization of cannabinoid-based products in Brazil can be traced to one family doing what it took to ensure their daughter received the CBD the family believed would make a difference in her life.

The Fischer family includes Anny, a little girl with special needs. Four years ago, the family began looking for a natural alternative to harsher chemical options provided by Anny’s specialists. That is when they discovered Real Scientific Hemp Oil™.

Norberto and his wife Katiele first learned of RSHO™ CBD oil products from the Hope4Harper Facebook page, which was run by a mother 5,000 miles away in Texas. With the help of a friend in the U.S., the family took a chance and began importing RSHO™ products to give to their daughter.

When one of Anny’s shipment’s was stopped by customs in the country, the family quickly took action, taking their case to Brazil’s courts. In just three days, it was declared by the courts inhumane to restrict Anny’s access to CBD products.

This would ignite a nationwide grassroots effort for the legalization of CBD products in Brazil for qualifying patients. With the help of HempMeds® Brasil, families in Brazil organized, demanding RSHO™ for their own children.

The story of the Fischer’s struggle and the medical cannabis legalization movement that followed were captured on film in the documentary Illegal. You can watch the trailer here.

HempMeds® Brasil now works with thousands of families in need to help them legally get access to RSHO™. The company is also working hard to educate the medical community and regulatory agencies to make the process for obtaining cannabis products like RSHO™ easier.

All this effort has paid off, as HempMeds® Brazil is enjoying a fantastic start to 2018. The company hosted a number of educations events around Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro, to reach out to doctors and inform them on the benefits of CBD products for their patients. The company also invited renown doctors from the country to visit their home offices in San Diego and learn more about CBD and its use in Brazil.

Partnership with HempMeds® Brasil

Norberto has recently signed a partnership with HempMeds® Brasil to make him the spokesperson for the company in Brazil and around the world. He will promote the company’s top quality CBD oil products and share his family’s experience fighting for and using CBD oil products for Anny.

Norberto will also appear as a guest columnist on the HempMeds® Brasil blog, sharing his unique expertise and personal experiences with the blog’s readers, including doctors, patients, and their families around Brazil.

Visiting the MJNA Home Office

Norberto will be traveling to the U.S. this week and will visit the Medical Marijuana, Inc. home offices.

While here, Norberto will meet with Medical Marijuana, Inc. executives to plan how he will help raise awareness for HempMeds® Brasil and the top quality RSHO™ products the company distributes to patients in the country.

Norberto will also meet with another well-known CBD advocate, Raul Elizalde, during his visit. Similarly to Norberto, Raul fought the government in his home country of Mexico for the right to import CBD oil products from Medical Marijuana, Inc. Raul is now HempMeds®’ President, Latin America.

Just last year, Raul traveled to Geneva to speak before World Health Organization (WHO) officials during a special committee meeting to decide whether CBD should be regulated as a drug. Thanks to information provided by Raul and others with experience with CBD, WHO officials decided that CBD did not require regulation.

Having these two paragons of CBD legalization in Latin America together on the Medical Marijuana, Inc. team will help ensure we move forward on our mission of access to CBD for everyone, worldwide.

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