This 4/20 Give Back to the Marijuana Legalization Movement

Celebrate 4/20 this year by doing your part to help spread legal access to medical and recreational cannabis to everyone in the U.S.

The 4/20 holiday is upon us, and once again, cannabis enthusiasts of all interest levels are looking to celebrate what has become the most important day of the year for the cannabis industry.

While twenty nine states have passed comprehensive medical marijuana programs and nine have legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults, many Americans still find themselves on the outside of marijuana legalization looking in.

That’s why, whether you live in a legal marijuana state or are still working locally for cannabis reform, it is important to put in the effort necessary to support legalization efforts across the country.

While you are celebrating this 4/20, make sure you take at least a moment and do something to help spread marijuana legalization benefits to everyone.

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Get Informed

The first step toward becoming a cannabis advocate is to get informed on the issue. If you can effectively communicate the reasons to end marijuana prohibition, then you are more likely to change the minds of others.

Our Medical Marijuana, Inc. news page will help you start learning about the cannabis industry and legalization, including changes to marijuana policy, shifts in public opinion, results of marijuana research, and more.

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Spread Cannabis Awareness

Another way to help further marijuana legalization efforts is to share the information you find when doing research online or to talk to those close to you about the social benefits for our country of legalization.

You can build awareness for cannabis by posting articles on social media about the medical advantages of marijuana, the latest developments from the cannabis industry, and polls showing the trending acceptance of marijuana legalization.

Become a vocal advocate for marijuana by making it a part of your daily conversation. This is one of the best ways to build grassroots support for marijuana legalization throughout the U.S.

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Contact Lawmakers

Local, state, and national legislators have the ability to alter the cannabis policy in our country by creating new marijuana laws and regulations. Writing your legislators is a great way to demonstrate your support for cannabis reform and encourage them to act on behalf of their voting constituents.

The Marijuana Policy Project has a handy online tool that will help you find your legislators based on your zip code. Get started here contacting your government leaders.

If your lawmakers won’t take action on cannabis legalization, get out and vote for someone who will.

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Join Forces

There is strength in numbers, especially when trying to enact change in our country. Find like minded individuals either locally or nationally and pool your forces to help the fight for cannabis legalization.

Not sure where to start? These nonprofits are great places to start learning about efforts to legalize cannabis, such as letter writing campaigns, rallies and marches, and more.

Begin Today

Don’t wait to do your part. Join the fight for legal cannabis this 4/20 by getting involved and furthering the conversation regarding the benefits of cannabis. You can learn more about cannabis and the quickly expanding legalization movement on our news feed.