Here Are the Surprising Advantages of Hemp Clothing

Hemp offers important benefits for the environment, as well as for consumers who wear clothing woven with hemp.

What makes hemp a superior choice in fabric for clothing? It is durable and long lasting while retaining comfort. And because it is grown free of chemicals, it is the healthy and environmentally conscious material for everyday clothing.

More and more, people are discovering the advantages of hemp for a range of products from clothing and textiles to biofuel, bioplastics, wellness products, and more. The hemp market in the U.S. grew to $688 million in 2016 and is expected to break $1 billion in the next couple of years. A big part of this growing popularity is due to hemp’s sustainability in the face of increasing environmental concerns.

Hemp Helps Enviroment

Environmental Sustainability

The stalks of the hemp plant can be processed to create an all-natural fiber that is ideal for clothing, canvas, rope, and more. But why is hemp more sustainable for use in clothing?

Like hemp, cotton is a natural fiber. However, growing cotton accounts for a significant portion (perhaps up to 25%) of the pesticides and insecticides sprayed on the world’s crops. These chemicals can leach into the soil and surrounding water systems, negatively impacting the environment. Additionally, cotton takes extremely high quantities of water and only produces once per growing season, making it an inefficient crop for the creation of clothing and other textiles.

Hemp, on the other hand, can be grown chemical free, keeping contaminants out of the local ecosystem and out of the final hemp products. Hemp can be sown close together and takes much less water than cotton to produce usable material, decreasing its environmental footprint. In some regions, hemp crops can be grown twice or more per growing season, further increasing its overall sustainability.

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Stronger, More Comfortable Clothing

Hemp clothing also features a number of advantages for the wearer as well. Hemp fabric has a soft feel and stands up to extensive wear due to hemp’s long, strong fiber structure adding durability.

Hemp clothing is so durable that it tends to last for a long time, making it well suited to classic and versatile styles (like shirts, vests, and jeans) suitable for years of wear. Hemp fabric stands up well to repeated washings, only growing softer and more comfortable over time.

Besides being strong, hemp cloth is mold-, mildew-, and microbe-resistant, making the material nearly indestructible with normal use. Hemp clothing is also very breathable and has excellent insulation properties, keeping the wearer warm in cooler weather and cool in the summer. Those who spend long hours outdoors will appreciate that hemp fabric is UV resistant.

Because of the natural processing techniques that can be used on hemp fibers, hemp clothing is perfect for people with chemical sensitivities. The natural color of hemp easily accepts sustainable dyes and can also be bleached without harsh chemicals.

Of course, nothing lasts forever. When hemp clothing is no longer wearable it can biodegrade completely, leading to a minimal ecological footprint over the whole life of each garment.

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Hemp for the Future with Kannaway

You can be a part of this sustainability movement for yourself. Hempy’s brand hemp clothing and accessories are now available through Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Kannaway. The first direct sales company in the hemp and CBD oil space, Kannaway has partnered with Hempy’s to bring the company’s line of hemp clothing to their network of brand ambassadors and customers.

Hemp is a win-win for consumers, as well as for the environment. It’s sustainability and unrivaled durability mean you can proudly wear your hemp clothing for years to come, knowing that you are doing your part to protect the environment.

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