7 Cannabis Holiday Gifts from MJNA for Him

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be stressful this year! Whether your male friends, dads, brothers, boyfriends or husbands are CBD-curious or seasoned hemp oil consumers, you’ll find the perfect cannabis holiday gifts in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online shop.

From cannabis tinctures to CBD topicals, this guide offers some of our favorite products that will help ensure that the men in your life have a great holiday season.

  1. Dixie Botanicals® Peppermint CBD Hemp Oil Dew Drops

Help introduce your loved one to CBD with one of the most approachable products in our store. Our bestselling Dixie Botanicals® Peppermint CBD Hemp Oil Dew Drops are sweetened lightly with Stevia and natural peppermint essential oils for a refreshing taste. Ideal for those looking to add a small amount of CBD to their system, each 2-pump serving from the portable 1 oz. bottle of tincture offers 1.25 mg of CBD, giving beginners the ability to dial in their daily CBD intake.

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  1. Cibaderm® Hemp Oil Natural Body Wash

Give your brother or father the gift of starting their days with a CBD-infused shower with Cibaderm® Hemp Oil Natural Body Wash. This lathering body wash contains pure CBD hemp oil and is naturally balanced for all skin types. Featuring lavender and peppermint essential oils for an all-over rejuvenating shower experience, our body wash gently cleans and fortifies, leaving the skin smooth and naturally healthy.

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  1. Kannaway™ HEMPY’S Slim Line Wallet

Give your favorite guy a durable 100% hemp fabric wallet that will last him a lifetime. Touted for being anti-microbial and stronger than cotton, hemp is a superior choice in fabric. The sleek Slim Line wallet design comes in black and green options, and fits comfortably in a back pocket. With its 6 credit card slots, 2 business card slots and a pocket for cash, the hemp wallet offers functionality without sacrificing style or comfort.

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  1. RSHO™ Blue Label CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

Know a guy who would excel with the most convenient way to incorporate CBD into their day? RSHO™ CBD Oil Capsules feature our award-winning Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO™) in an easy-to-take delayed-release vegan capsule. Our Blue Label capsule features hemp oil that’s been decarboxylated for optimal CBD concentration. With an exact 25 mg CBD, 200 mg of calcium and 200 mg of our proprietary blends of turmeric root powder and white willow bark powder per CBD pill, our hemp oil capsules take all the thought out of taking CBD products.

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  1. Cannabis Beauty Defined™ Therapeutic Detox Soak

Perfect for that guy in your life who works long hours or partakes in strenuous workouts, our Cannabis Beauty Defined™ Therapeutic Detox Soak detoxifies and replenishes, rejuvenating them so that they’re ready to face the next day ahead. This botanical extract-infused soak blends pure CBD hemp oil with a specially formulated mixture of Bi-Bong™ herbs to rebalance the body and mind.

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  1. RSHO™ CBD Isolate Powder

Looking for a gift for that man in your life who’s already experienced with CBD? RSHO™ CBD Powder offers our highest concentration CBD product in an odor and flavorless powder that can be used to create personalized high-quality CBD products. The isolate can also be added to foods and beverages, or consumed as-is under the tongue. Each 1-gram jar of the pure isolate powder contains 99% CBD (990 mg CBD), giving your loved one full control over their CBD serving size.

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  1. Dixie Botanicals® Hemp Oil Salvation Balm

For that highly active guy in your life, Dixie Botanicals® Hemp Oil Salvation Balm is perfect for rejuvenating sore muscles and joints after a hard workout or strenuous hike. Designed for on-the-go nourishing, the portable 1.3 oz. jar contains 50 mg of CBD in a luxurious cocoa butter texture. Formulated with herbal extract blends, Dixie Botanicals® salve also serves as an excellent beard treatment. The beeswax in the salve helps smooth down flyaway hairs for a well-groomed appearance, while its essential oils are absorbed by the beard, leaving it radiant and healthy looking.

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Finish Your Holiday Shopping with CBD

With MJNA’s wide array of CBD hemp oil products, you’ll have no problem finding the right wellness gift for every one of the men in your life.

Visit our online shop today to finish your holiday shopping.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]