Recent Kannaway Cruise for Company’s Top Earners a Smashing Success

Medical Marijuana, Inc. Subsidiary Kannaway Returns from Inaugural Elite Retreat Cruise to Mexico

Kannaway’s top brand ambassadors (BAs) made the types of memories that last a lifetime this past week during the company’s first-of-its-kind Kannaway Elite Retreat. Reserved for Kannaway’s highest earners, this exclusive cruise to the Mexican Riviera served to thank those top BAs for helping Kannaway achieve unbelievable 26 times growth over this past year and a half.

Touring the Corporate Offices

The week was kicked off on Friday, October 6th, with the company’s #boativated incentive event. BAs, the Kannaway executive team, and members of Kannaway’s customer service were treated to a private tour around San Diego harbor for views of the city’s skyline, the Midway aircraft carrier, and the famous Coronado Bridge.

The tour along the San Diego waterfront was followed by a visit to the Medical Marijuana, Inc. and Kannaway corporate offices. Here, BAs were able to chat with Kannaway team members and see where the hard work takes place to ensure that they have the tools they need to build the best CBD oil business possible.

The next day, brand ambassadors and the Kannaway executive team made their way to the San Diego harbor to board the MS Oosterdam. The group gathered on the boat’s deck for a photo at sunset as the cruise left San Diego.

At dinner together on the first night, roars of laughter could be heard from around the dining room as stories were shared among good food and wine. Afterwards, BAs were free to explore the ship, and the Kannaway team made themselves at home for the next 7 days.

Taking Care of Business

Kannaway CEO Blake Schroeder Speaks to Those GatheredKannaway’s Success Would Not Be What It Is without KannaWomen

The following afternoon, Kannaway hosted a sneak preview of things to come, including new products, new ranks, and unbelievable new incentives. The excitement in the room was palpable as the company’s executives took the stage to reveal the newest developments from Kannaway. The BAs in attendance were abuzz as they left the meeting, anticipating the new directions that Kannaway will pursue in the coming months.

This sneak preview was preceded by a Kannaway Advisory Council meeting. Made up of the company’s top brand ambassadors, the Advisory Council is tasked with framing the conversation about Kannaway’s future with an eye towards the needs of Kannaway’s thousands of BAs. Covering everything from BA support and new products to recognition and compensation, Advisory Council meetings ensure that the concerns of Kannaway’s BAs are considered in every decision the company’s executive team makes.

On the final day of the trip, there was also a KannaWomen meeting on board the ship, bringing together some of the most dynamic and driven women in Kannaway. This group is sure to motivate the conversation in CBD oil, hemp, and the Kannaway system for years to come.

Kannaway Day

A Major Highlight - Meeting Families

Tuesday morning brought with it Kannaway Day and an exclusive celebration in the heart of Mazatlán at the Royal Villas Resort. First, our top BAs had the opportunity to meet with Raul Elizalde and his family. Raul is the founder of Por Grace and now heads HempMeds® Mexico, one of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s international divisions.

The company’s BAs were then introduced to a dozen families and were able to hear first hand their experiences with CBD. They even met the youngest child ever to use CBD oil at just 4 weeks old. BAs were also given the chance to help support families like those they met through ECHO Connection with a 100% match from Medical Marijuana, Inc.

The BAs were then taken to the resort’s pool and beachfront lounge to enjoy an exclusive Kannaway only party. Kannaway and Raul pulled out all the stops with refreshments and a gourmet seafood buffet boasting local fish, shrimp, and lobster tails. Attendees were able to rent jet skis, play volleyball, wade out into the gentle waves, or just relax by the pool. There were moments of impromptu karaoke, dancing, and plenty of laughs all day long.

Ports of Call

Scuba Diving with Marine Life

Besides the Kannaway Day celebration in Mazatlán, Kannaway BAs were given a pair of days off ship to enjoy as they saw fit. On Monday, the Oosterdam anchored off Cabo San Lucas, and BAs were shuttled ashore to enjoy the day in one of Mexico’s biggest vacation spots. While some BAs boarded water taxis to the beach, others took guided excursions to Cabo’s famous arches, enjoyed zipline rides, or went snorkeling and scuba diving in Baja’s warm waters before returning to the boat just before sunset.

Then on Wednesday, the boat arrived at its final port of call, Puerto Vallarta. Some BAs left the boat to enjoy the lush tropical terrain; others took to the beaches instead to enjoy tropical drinks with their feet in the water. Either way, memories were made together before the cruise turned north out of port and headed back to San Diego.

Gala Night and Kannaway’s Cocktail Hour

Food So Sumptuous Even the Photos Look Good

Thursday was Gala Night on the Oosterdam, and BAs and Kannaway executives met in the ship’s Observation Deck for a private cocktail hour at sunset. Dressed to the nines, everyone was ready to celebrate the amazing success Kannaway has experienced in the last 18 months. The group was next treated to a lobster dinner in the ship’s dining room.

Then, on Saturday morning, a week after departing, everyone on the inaugural Elite Retreat had a last breakfast together, said goodbye to friends new and old, and disembarked the ship with promises of meeting up in Denver at the company’s upcoming Evolution national event.

Becoming a Part of Kannaway

Kannaway was the first direct sales company to focus on the CBD oil market with its exclusive line of CBD hemp oil products. The company has surpassed expectations over the past 18 months, increasing sales 26 times and adding thousands of new brand ambassadors to their team. Anyone interested in joining Kannaway as a brand ambassador can do so on the company’s website.

You can also visit our news feed for more from Kannaway and the rest of the Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio of companies.