HempMeds® Brasil Supports the Establishment of New Patient Association in Brazil

Patient association in Brazil will be dedicated to connecting patients with cannabis-friendly doctors and continuing education to increase access to CBD.

Working closely with patients and doctors in Brazil, the Associação Nacional dos Usuários de Canabidiol (ANUC) Patient Association will focus on community outreach and education as tools to bring access to CBD to all those in Brazil who can benefit. With goals so closely aligned with those of HempMeds® Brasil, the Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio company applauds its creation and looks forward to working alongside the organization to help them fulfill their goals.

The ANUC will host educational courses and workshops for both doctors and patients revealing the medical value and therapeutic uses of cannabis. This will help fill what is often seen as an extensive training gap for medical professionals when it comes to prescribing CBD effectively. Sharing important medical research regarding CBD creates a greater understanding of its potential and supports the normalization of CBD as a treatment option.

The new patient association will also help connect potential cannabis patients to cannabis-friendly doctors in Brazil. Because CBD treatments are still gaining traction among the medical community in Brazil, finding a doctor who fully understands the functions of the endocannabinoid system and how it can be tapped as a treatment option is increasingly important.

Finally, the ANUC will coordinate efforts to donate cannabis products to patients who cannot afford them. As with any medical treatment option, out of pocket costs can often drive up the personal cost of healthcare. The ANUC will be able to effectively support the raising and distribution of funds to those patients most in need of it.

Franklin Vargas has been named as the first President of the ANUC Patient Association. Mr. Vargas’s niece has been taking the HempMeds® Brasil’s flagship CBD hemp oil product Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) for the past three years as part of her treatment for epilepsy.

Mr. Vargas remarked on the formation of the ANUC, saying, “HempMeds® Brasil has been instrumental in creating access to medical cannabis in Brazil, and helping treat patients like my niece who suffer from debilitating medical conditions. I am honored to take on this new responsibility as President of the Patient Association, which I believe will help bring relief to more and more families across Brazil with our focus on education and connecting citizens to doctors that can help.”

HempMeds® Brasil has supported access to CBD in Brazil from its start in 2014. Early on, HempMeds® Brasil was part of a campaign to educate Brazilians and generate public support for those fighting for the right to use CBD. Since then, HempMeds® Brasil has become Brazil’s most trusted distributor of CBD oil products, working closely with patients and their doctors to streamline the import process.

Doctors and patients can visit the HempMeds® Brasil website to learn more about how to access CBD. The HempMeds® team is available to answer any questions you may have at [email protected].

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