Watch Kannalife™ Sciences New Spokesperson Nick Lowery on Several National Media Outlets This Week

The former NFL player and new Kannalife™ Sciences spokesperson will discuss the company’s efforts to bring about a clinically approved treatment for CTE.

A new spokesperson for Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio company Kannalife™ Sciences, Inc., Nick Lowery, will appear on several national media outlets this week to discuss Kannalife’s efforts to develop a clinically approved cannabinoid treatment for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a concussion-related disease that is pervasive among NFL players.

The former three-time NFL Pro-Bowl and Kansas City Chiefs placekicker recently joined the Kannalife corporate advisory board to lead the Company’s initiative on speaking about CTE and the potential role that cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) can play in the protection and treatment of brain injuries. Kannalife™, a bio-pharmaceutical and phyto-medical company, holds an exclusive license from the federal government to commercialize a cannabinoid patent currently held by the U.S. Government and National Institutes of Health.

Over the next two days, Lowery will be appearing on FOX, CBS, and NBC. A passionate advocate for the benefits of CBD, Lowery will use these speaking engagements to discuss the devastating effects of the brain degenerative disease and how Kannalife™ is looking to work with the NFL to create a potential safer treatment option for athletes.

You can see and hear Lowery speaking this week on the following channels:

Tuesday, September 26th

  • Fox Business – 9:15am EST
  • NBC Universal TV – 11:30am EST
  • CBS Tiki and Tierney CBS Sports – 5:00pm EST – Listen

Wednesday September 27th

  • NBC Sports Radio – 3:30pm EST – Listen
  • CBS Sports Network Reiter Than You with Bill Reiter – 8pm EST – Listen
  • I-24 News – Stateside with David Shuster – Watch

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