Stephen Jones Brings Decades of Experience to Kannaway as New Chief Marketing Officer

Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Kannaway hires new CMO to help guide company’s branding message and extend its marketing reach.

As part of the company’s effort to refine its brand identity, Kannaway has brought Stephen Jones into the company as its new Chief Marketing Officer. Jones will be tasked with crafting and distributing Kannaway’s branding message through management of marketing assets like the Kannaway blog, social media pages, advertising channels, regional and national events, and product packaging.

Jones joins the existing Kannaway marketing and executive teams to create a unified brand identity. Jones revealed to us his excitement in joining a rapidly growing company in an impactful market space like CBD.  

“Once in a generation you have an opportunity to join a team of people who are going to fundamentally change the world,” said Jones. “Joining the team at Kannaway is a dream come true. I could not be more excited about the positive impacts that we are going to make in the lives of customers around the world.”

Using a direct marketing model, Kannaway distributes CBD oil and lifestyle products like essential oil blends, CBD vaporizers, and daily use hemp products to customers around the world via its network of brand ambassadors.

Kannaway has seen incredible growth in the past year and a half. The company has experienced 17 straight months of growth, and recently, it celebrated its highest sales day ever. Since March 2016, Kannaway has experienced a 25 times increase in monthly sales, and projections continue to see an increase in months to come.

The company is currently in the middle of its European expansion efforts, hosting a series of events across the EU. Kannaway is hosting these events to help build excitement, recruit new distributors, and educate existing brand ambassadors on the best practices for growing their CBD oil business. The goal of these events is to introduce Kannaway to the European market – attendees at these events have the incredible opportunity to enter into Kannaway’s European team on the ground floor, increasing chances for success.

Jones is ready to make a positive impact in the cannabis industry with his extensive marketing experience. He will manage Kannaway’s in-house marketing team and help develop the company’s message. Jones provides nearly 20 years’ experience in the direct sales, finance, and international logistics industries to the Kannaway team and will help the company continue in supplying first-class products to Kannaway’s many loyal customers around the world.

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