Kannaway Begins European Expansion of CBD Oil Business with Local Events


Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Kannaway hosts series of European events as part of plan to bring CBD oil to citizens of the EU.

Kannaway has started a two week, multi-city European tour, promoting the many benefits of CBD and the Kannaway system at events around Europe. The central goal of this historic trip is to introduce Kannaway to the European market. Attendees at these events have the incredible opportunity to enter into Kannaway’s European team on the ground floor.

As part of its effort to drive its expansion into Europe, Kannaway is hosting these events to help build excitement, recruit new distributors, and educate existing brand ambassadors on the best practices for growing their CBD oil business.

Kannaway uses a direct marketing approach in the CBD oil industry, giving the company a unique distribution method that helps to rapidly secure the Kannaway brand in these newly developing markets. This word of mouth marketing creates brand confidence and speeds the introduction of CBD into growing markets.

CBD hemp oil products are legal in most European Union countries, and demand for CBD oil across Europe is increasing, creating immense opportunity for those in a position to capitalize. These events, held in cities across Europe, mirror Kannaway’s U.S. events, giving attendees the chance to interact with top earning brand ambassadors and Kannaway executives, learn what it takes to be successful, and network with fellow brand ambassadors and prospects. [/vc_column_text][vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”29158,29159,29160″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Randy Schroeder, a noted member of the direct marketing community and Vice Presidential Director with Kannaway, is speaking at these events. Randy shares his step by step technique for building a successful and sustaining Kannaway business at many Kannaway events, including those on this European tour. Randy’s passion for CBD oil and Kannaway are palpable, and he is sure to rouse the attendees at these events into action.

Established local European brand ambassadors who pioneered the Kannaway system in their cities are also joining the events, revealing their own personal experience with Kannaway and sharing the success they’ve achieved. Seeing the accomplishments of these local brand ambassadors shows new Kannaway prospects the potential awaiting them.

Events have thus far been hosted in Warsaw, Poznan, and Krakow in Poland; Brno and Prague in the Czech Republic; and Bratislava, Slovakia. Next, the event tour continues with events in Regensburg and Stuttgart in Germany; Athens, Greece; Helsinki, Finland; and Orleans, Clermont-Ferrand, and Limoges, France.

Kannaway’s whirlwind European tour, which began September 15th, will wrap up on October 1. By its conclusion, over 1500 people will have attended the events and learned of the remarkable products and opportunity that Kannaway brings to Europe.

Anyone interested in joining Kannaway and building a CBD oil business of their own can visit the company on their website.

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