Major Media Outlets in Mexico Cover Country’s First CBD Oil Subsidies

Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its subsidiary HempMeds® Mexico garnered considerable media attention after Mexican government covers full cost of CBD oil treatment for cancer and epilepsy patients, including two children, in the State of Mexico.

Nearly 30 publications in total gave some level of coverage of the historic event, including top tier news outlets in Mexico like Milenio and El Universal. The country of Mexico legalized medical cannabis earlier this year, and the response across the country has been overwhelming, as demonstrated by the positive media coverage of this recent event.

Eruviel Avila Villegas, the Governor of the State of Mexico led the opening of a local health center in Ecatepec where the announcement of the government’s subsidy was made. The governor further revealed that the children will continue to receive the products on a permanent basis as long as they are needed.

“I want to recognize the federal government, the government headed by President Peña Nieto, the Secretary of Health, Cofepris especially, for the facilities they have given us to attend and concretize this medical cannabis treatment program,” said the governor.

Health Secretary Cesar Nomar Gomez Monge revealed that the government had spent 300 thousand pesos for this initial purchase, demonstrating the level of investment Mexico has in providing its citizens with important CBD therapies.

The event and historic first government subsidy of a cannabis product in Mexico were also covered in media outlets like the following and more.



El Horizonte

La Cronica

Economia Hoy

La Razon

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