HempMeds® Brasil Featured as Educational Source for Brasilians Exploring CBD

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio company HempMeds® Brasil was featured this week in an article about CBD oil’s growing use among patients on the nation’s popular Catraquinha website.

According to the Catraquinha website, the page, “gathers information on everything that matters to parents, educators and family members – from cultural agenda to transformative projects for children – with the aim of empowering them to positively interfere with children’s development.”

In the piece, the author explored CBD oil’s path to acceptance as a therapeutic option for patients with a range of medical conditions, such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, autism spectrum disorder, and chronic pain.

The story of CBD in Brazil begins with the mothers and fathers across the country who pushed the bounds of the country’s laws to import the CBD oil their children desperately needed. Thanks to these early fighters, families and patients can now import CBD oil with a doctor’s prescription and authorization from Anvisa.

Caroline Heinz, Director of Operations for HempMeds® Brasil, revealed to the media source the events that led to the country permitting the purchase, import, and use of CBD oil products.

Previously, CBD oil, like all cannabis products, was banned in Brazil. Then, the first legal purchase of CBD in Brazil happened because a 2014 court decision. This was the case of Anny Fischer, whose story is portrayed in the documentary Illegal (available on Netflix).

This breakthrough came after months of effort by families in Brazil for the right to access CBD for their children. Since then, Anvisa has been accepting import applications for CBD oil from patients across Brazil, formally withdrawing CBD from the list of banned substances in Brazil in January of 2015.

“These achievements have added to several studies worldwide that have confirmed the efficacy of cannabidiol in the treatment of epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, and other health conditions, and the discussion on the medicinal use of [CBD oil] has become popular, ” Heinz told the website.

Rubens Wejnsztejn, President of the Brazilian Society of Neurology, is a neurologist and prescribes cannabidiol for patients with various disorders. In the piece, he cites a study carried out at Escola Paulista de Medicina.

“Cannabidiol has a broad therapeutic potential in the central nervous system, demonstrating great importance in the treatment of various neurological disorders. In humans, these effects correspond to analgesia, mood alteration, appetite stimulation in individuals treated with chemotherapy (patients with HIV and cancer), changes in psychomotor activities, perception, cognition, memory, as well as in the control of spasticity in patients with multiple sclerosis, beneficial effects on glaucoma, and anticonvulsive properties, among others,” explains Rubens.

Results like this drive more and more doctors in Brazil to consider medical cannabis in the form of CBD oil for their patients.

You can read the original article HERE.

HempMeds® Brasil is hosting an event for doctors next week, August 15th, in São Paulo, Brazil. The educational event is meant to reach out to doctors in the country interested in prescribing CBD for their patients. HempMeds® Brasil has filled its event space, demonstrating the excitement surrounding CBD oil as a treatment option in Brazil.

Two pioneers in the field of medical cannabis, Mexican neuropediatrician Dr. Saúl Garza Morales and Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc., the parent company of HempMeds® Brazil, will share their knowledge and experiences with the more than 50 physicians registered for the event.

Following the success of the company’s event in Rio de Janeiro in April of this year, HempMeds® Brazil looks to bring the same opportunity to the physicians of São Paulo. Through this event, the company hopes to create lasting relationships with doctors in the region, share the latest information on the many medical uses of cannabidiol, and promote the safety and efficacy of CBD oil as a treatment option.

You can learn more about Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio companies like HempMeds® Brasil on our news feed. Patients in Brazil hoping to access CBD oil for themselves can visit the HempMeds® Brasil website to get started today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”21245″ img_size=”1200×400″ onclick=”custom_link” link=”https://hempmeds.com.br/”][/vc_column][/vc_row]