Kannaway Caps 16 Consecutive Months of Growth with Its Largest Revenue Day in Company History

Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Kannaway® set a new single day sales record this month, selling more of the company’s CBD hemp oil products than ever before.

Kannaway achieved its largest revenue in a single day on July 25, 2017. Sales on July 25th were given a boost thanks in large part to a promotion the company was running on CBD hemp oil product packages that allowed customers to save big on Kannaway’s popular products.

This accomplishment serves to emphasize the results of the company’s relaunch efforts that started a year and a half ago with the addition of Blake Schroeder to the Kannaway executive team.

Kannaway, the first direct marketing company in the CBD hemp oil space, introduced a new website, new compensation plan, new hemp oil and lifestyle products, new events, and new incentives throughout the year as part of their relaunch to keep the company’s network of brand ambassadors excited and growing.

Kannaway launched a number of programs to recognize the company’s top distributors. These incentives include exclusive Black Tie events and a stock program rewarding high ranking brand ambassadors shares of Medical Marijuana, Inc. stock. The company’s most recent incentive is a cruise to the Mexican Riviera, with stops at ports-of-call like Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, and Puerto Vallarta.

Incentives like these have driven Kannaway brand ambassadors to reach for ever higher levels of success. Earlier this summer, Kannaway celebrated its highest ranking brand ambassador ever.

“Kannaway’s revenue has grown for 16 consecutive months, and we anticipate July revenues will surpass June,” said CEO Blake Schroeder of Kannaway’s remarkable achievement. “We look forward to setting new records as our company continues to grow and enter new markets.”

Kannaway is far from satisfied with their current success. The company is currently working on an expansion into the European market, setting up the potential for breakthrough growth in the coming year. Additionally, Kannaway brand ambassadors here in the U.S. have been expanding the Kannaway system to all corners of the country, bringing the benefits of CBD to Americans everywhere.

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