Kannaway Brand Ambassadors First to Reach National Director Rank an Example of Company’s Growth

Kannaway®, the first direct sales cannabis company to offer CBD hemp oil products, is celebrating the success of its first Brand Ambassadors to reach the company’s National Director rank.

Within the Kannaway® organization, Brand Ambassadors advance through ranks designated by minimum sales levels. Each rank provides benefits such as guaranteed minimum incomes and even Medical Marijuana, Inc. stock incentives.

Jeff and Debbie Lessard are the first Brand Ambassadors in Kannaway® history to earn this status, which requires achieving a minimum of $500,000 in sales per month. Jeff and Debbie Lessard began their career with Kannaway® in January of 2016 and saw early success, jumpstarting the growth of their hemp oil business.

From February to April of 2016, Jeff participated in the IKan90 Challenge. Hosted by Kannaway®, the IKan90 Challenge motivated Kannaway Brand Ambassadors to focus efforts on improving their lives  through shared motivation, the use of Kannaway® CBD hemp oil products, and positive life choices.

Jeff dropped over 35 pounds in the first 60 days of the challenge, winning the IKan 90 challenge and setting his life on a trajectory of success. A firm believer of the benefits of CBD in his life, Jeff shares these benefits with everyone he meets. It is in this way that Jeff was able to build the most successful Kannaway® business in history.

Since this early success, Jeff and Debbie have been recognized numerous times for their efforts to educate others about Kannaway®’s cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil products. They were the first to hit the immediate Kannaway® ranks before National Director, earning themselves hundreds of thousands of shares of Kannaway® stock.

Jeff is also an advisory board member for Kannaway® and has attended numerous Kannaway® regional and national events as a featured speaker, sharing his personal experience with Kannaway® and the company’s unique CBD hemp oil products and revealing the tips and tools that helped him to reach the highest levels of the Kannaway® organization.

Jeff and Debbie Lessard aren’t done yet. There are still four more ranks above National Director for them to advance before they reach the highest echelon of the Kannaway® organization. However, with Jeff and Debbie’s intensity and drive, Kannaway® expects to be celebrating their new ranks in the near future.

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