Mexico’s COFEPRIS Authorizes First Legal Import of RSHO-X™ as Part of Cancer Treatment

Cancer patient in Mexico receives approval for RSHO-X™ to treat pain associated with cancer treatments and promote general well-being.

HempMeds® Mexico, a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana, Inc., announced this week that their flagship product RSHO-X™ received approval from the Mexican health authority, Cofepris, similar to the FDA in the U.S., for the treatment of pain associated with cancer treatment, as well as for improved general well-being.

The first patient with cancer to receive permission from Cofepris is a 44-year-old woman suffering from Stage 5 breast cancer. Cofepris has given the patient authorization to import and use RSHO-X™ to treat the pain she experiences due to her chemotherapy treatment.

This first import authorization for the pain associated with cancer treatments is a compassionate step from a country that seems intent on reversing their previously rigid cannabis policy. When the nation’s lawmakers reconvene on February 1st, they will take up the medical marijuana reform they started late in 2016.  

“We applaud and wholeheartedly stand by the decision made by COFEPRIS to give this patient a treatment that can help alleviate some of her symptoms,” said Dr. Stuart Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc. “Our company continues to do everything in our power to lessen the suffering and enhance the comfort of anyone forced to live through pain. The decision made by Mexico to allow our subsidiary’s product to assist in the general well being of this female patient sets the stage for a truly remarkable precedent. We encourage all others to follow the lead set out by COFEPRIS in utilizing our CBD Hemp Oil products as a step forward on the path towards alleviating pain.”

HempMeds® Mexico was the first company to legally import CBD products to Mexico when RSHO-X™, a form of CBD oil derived from hemp with no detectable THC, was approved in the country for patients with epilepsy in 2016. Cofepris’s recent move marks the first time a cancer patient in Mexico is able to access RSHO-X™ as a treatment option.

However, HempMeds® Brasil, another Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary, has previously been approved to ship RSHO™ to cancer patients in Brazil, another country with strict requirements for legal import.

Cancer is a growing concern, both globally and locally in Mexico, and symptom management has become an important consideration in potential treatments. By 2015, the world market for cancer treatment rose to $107 billion and is expected to continue this trajectory in the years to come, reaching $150 billion by 2020. In Mexico, the rates of cancer are forecast to increase by 42 percent from 2009 to 2020, faster than much of the rest of Latin America and the U.S.

Traditional treatments – like chemotherapy – cause a number of harsh side effects, including headaches, muscle pain, and stomach pain, as well as pain from nerve damage most often found in the fingers and toes. Cofepris has approved the use of RSHO-X™ CBD oil to address these side effects of chemotherapy and improve the patient’s quality of life during treatment.

Patients in Mexico looking to access RSHO-X™ can do so by visiting

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