HempMeds® Brasil Partners with Paragon HealthCare BR to Expand Accessibility of RSHO™

Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its subsidiary HempMeds® Brasil announced late last week that the company has signed into a distribution partnership with Paragon HealthCare BR, a leading global wholesale distributor of pharmaceutical products. This is just the latest of the company’s moves to secure the Brazilian market and expand access to CBD in the country.

This deal will expand the reach of Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) in the country – and across Latin America – by utilizing Paragon HealthCare BR’s existing distribution network to increase the presence of RSHO™ hemp-derived CBD oil among Brazil’s healthcare services.

“This new collaboration with Paragon HealthCare BR is another victory for the hemp industry, and most importantly, for the consumer,” said Chief Executive Officer of Medical Marijuana, Inc., Dr. Stuart Titus. “We continue to develop markets, expand partnerships and explore new ways to reach consumers across the globe by providing access to products, like RSHO™, that contain vital nutrients supporting overall health and wellness.”

Access to cannabinoids for all is a core value in our company’s overall mission. Our partnership with Paragon HealthCare BR will allow HempMeds® Brasil to increase accessibility to RSHO™ CBD hemp oil products to patients all across the country. This groundbreaking partnership fits into the intentions of Medical Marijuana, Inc. and HempMeds® Brasil to further extend the benefits of CBD to the global population.

“We look forward to exploring the new horizons that come of this partnership,” added Dr. Titus. “We thank Paragon HealthCare BR for joining us in taking a lead in this continually developing marketplace. We cannot grow without innovation and we cannot move forward without a vision. Our distribution partnership with Paragon HealthCare BR is an indication that we will continue to progress and expand our reach both on domestic fronts and abroad.”

This new distribution deal will expand the market for RSHO™ for patients in Latin America by increasing availability to patients, thanks to Paragon HealthCare BR’s relationships with doctor’s groups, hospitals, pharmacists, medical professionals, and other health care providers. The focus of the partnership will ease access to CBD oil products, including streamlining the import process and reducing the time-frame between prescription to delivery for patients in the country.

“We are truly excited to be a part of this opportunity with HempMeds® Brasil and are delighted they selected Paragon HealthCare BR. to become their exclusive distributor for Brasil,” said Marcelo Lopes da Silva, VP of International Sales, Paragon Healthcare BR. “We look forward to fully engaging the Brazilian market with the Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ product line. The company’s product line will join our entire suite of products for the Brazilian market to better serve patient needs.”

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