Medical Marijuana, Inc. Applauds Medical Cannabis Reform in Mexico

Lawmakers in Mexico voted Tuesday to pass significant medical marijuana reform in the country. The new medical marijuana law would open access to multiple types of cannabis products, including those containing THC for the first time, by making several classification changes for cannabis in the country’s controlled substances list. The reform initiative has passed in the Senate of the Republic and is now on its way to the Chamber of Deputies for a vote there. If it passes there, the reform bill will become law, relaxing restrictions on the medical use of cannabis.

President Peña Nieto’s initiative for cannabis reform in Mexico began back in April of 2016 when he was joined onstage by Raul Elizalde, founder of the Por Grace Foundation, to announce the country would be exploring potential changes to its marijuana policy.

After months of lobbying and educational initiatives, Medical Marijuana, Inc. and our subsidiary HempMeds® Mexico congratulate the citizens of Mexico on this momentous achievement. The changes represented in this reform law represent a more compassionate approach to cannabis regulation in the country.

Medical marijuana has the potential to help suffering patients in Mexico treat their medical conditions and improve their overall quality of life. As in the past, our company will continue to endeavor to comply with all new COFEPRIS regulations while expanding access to our products.

Along with a number of other changes, the new law would reclassify marijuana among Mexico’s other controlled substances. Under the new regulations, products made from marijuana with THC over 1 percent by dry weight will move from Group I to Group II. Products using marijuana with less than 1 percent of THC by dry weight will be placed in Group IV. The products in both of these categories will be considered psychoactive by Mexico’s health authorities. Finally, products derived from hemp will be placed in Group V, making them more widely available than products containing high levels of THC.

Cultivation for personal use, whether medical or recreational, will still be illegal. Under the new law, cultivation permits will be awarded to pharmaceutical companies and universities for the purpose of research and to develop new cannabinoid-based prescription medications.

The new regulations make no change to the existing recreational marijuana laws. Cultivation, sale, possession, and use of marijuana for recreational means is still illegal under the new policies.

Ultimately, the new law will not affect your ability to access and use RSHO-X™ as you have in the past. In fact, the change in regulations would allow patients in Mexico to access hemp oil products containing trace amounts of THC for the first time, meaning HempMeds® may soon be shipping its entire line of hemp oil products to customers in Mexico with a doctor’s prescription.

Current patients with questions and new patients hoping for additional information about accessing CBD from RSHO™ can email our dedicated bilingual support staff at [email protected] or call our helpline from 8:30AM to 5:00PM PST.

Phone: (From Mexico): 001-883-786-2440 or 818-000-0454

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