AXIM® Biotechnologies Moves to Secure Rights to Proprietary Method for Extracting High-Purity THC

Medical Marijuana, Inc. investment company AXIM® Biotechnologies has had a booming past couple of months, seeing its stock soar nearly 2000 percent year to date. Much of this growth has occurred because of the company’s tireless innovation in their mission to create cannabinoid-based treatments for difficult to treat conditions.

Most recently, AXIM® Biotechnologies has filed an intellectual property (IP) application with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) covering its proprietary method to extract and refine high-purity THC from cannabis plant material.

The company’s recently-filed IP application would provide protection to the invention of a method of extracting THCa from cannabis flower using a non-polar solvent where the yield is approximately 50 – 70 percent with regards to THCa content in the starting material.

Because the process allows the company to recover more THCa, a precursor of THC,  AXIM®’s proprietary extraction method helps the company to achieve THC extracts with a greater purity than conventional extractions being used in the market today. The extracted THCa is decarboxylated in a final step in a water/ethanol solution that renders THC at a purity greater than 98 percent. Standardizing this stage in its process is critical to the company’s development of cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals, and the IP application protects its innovation, placing AXIM® in a competitive position to dominate the market.

This news comes on the heels of a number of other achievements by AXIM® Biotechnologies in the past few months, causing the company’s value to skyrocket.

AXIM® recently announced an extension was awarded to the company’s patent on delayed-release cannabidiol gum to now include all cannabinoids. This gives AXIM® unique control over the use of delayed-release chewing gum as a delivery method for cannabinoid-based treatments for a range of medical indications.

Earlier in the year, AXIM® announced that it had secured the necessary funding to move forward on several cannabinoid-based clinical trials, including trials on its MedChew® RX, CanChew® Plus, and AX-1602 topically applied cannabinoid ointment. The company also published a development pipeline chart to reveal their new drug schedule for the coming months and years.

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