Sadie Higuera’s Family Reaches Out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation to Meet Trump and Raise Awareness for Medical Marijuana

A local San Diego family has contacted the Make-A-Wish Foundation in hopes of setting up an encounter with President-elect Donald Trump to help similar families access cannabinoid-based products.

Passionate advocates for the effects of CBD hemp oil products, Sadie and the Higuera family reside in a cherished place in the hearts of the Medical Marijuana, Inc. team. Known for regularly speaking in favor of expanded access to cannabinoids and attending conferences across the country, the Higueras are now joining the national conversation on drug policy in requesting to meet Donald Trump.

Little Sadie Higuera wasn’t given much hope from her doctors. The three year old was only expected to live mere months, and at one point, her doctors recommended a drug, what they called the “hero” drug, that would mercifully end her life within a few months. The family, however, was unwilling to take that course of action.

To the family’s credit, this past spring, just days after celebrating her 3rd birthday, Sadie was posing for traditional first day of school photos outside her family’s home, before heading off to her preschool program at Ramona Elementary School in San Diego.

Wanting to give something to Sadie to mark her many milestones, the Higuera family started reflecting about what she would want the most.

“We were thinking, what would Sadie really want?” Sadie’s father Brian recently told ABC News 10 San Diego. “She would want to give back.”

That is when the family reached out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Their hope is to arrange a meeting through the foundation between Sadie and Mr. Trump. By sharing Sadie’s story with the next President, the family hopes to stress to him the importance of rescheduling cannabis.  Removing cannabis from Schedule I will encourage further research into its medical potential and increase nationwide access to marijuana.

Mr. Trump has been vocal in the past about allowing states to create medical marijuana programs. However, in his new position, Trump will have the ability to influence drug policy on a national level.

The President-elect has used social media unlike any other President before, so we encourage you to reach out to Donald Trump via his social platforms and request he take the time to meet with little Sadie.

You can also contact the local San Diego or national Make-A-Wish Foundation websites to show your support for this historic wish and assist in furthering Sadie’s cause.