Report by StoneBridge Partners Reveals the Growing Market Value of Medical Marijuana, Inc.

A recent evaluation of Medical Marijuana, Inc. by the StoneBridge Partners private investment firm exposes the company’s significant market potential.

In a 24 page report compiled by StoneBridge Partners and published November 15, 2016, the investment firm explored the strength of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s market position, product pipeline, and portfolio of companies, praising the company’s potential.

StoneBridge Partners opens the report saying that Medical Marijuana, Inc. is “well positioned to capitalize on the rapidly developing cannabis industry through its subsidiaries, investments, brands, and partners.”

The report is overwhelmingly favorable for Medical Marijuana, Inc., closely examining its portfolio of brands, evaluating the global reach of its market presence, and praising its established CBD pipeline.

This competitive market position is thanks to Medical Marijuana, Inc. investments like AXIM® Biotechnologies, which is currently developing cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products for the treatment of conditions like multiple sclerosis, KannaLife™ Sciences, which is licensed by the National Institutes of Health to create cannabinoid-based neuroprotective drugs for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), hepatic encephalopathy (HE), and other neurological indications, and HempMeds®, Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s vast distribution wing, created to sell the complete line of Medical Marijuana, Inc. products.

The report by StoneBridge Partners recognizes the significant growth potential of the cannabis industry and examines Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s competitive placement within the growing market.

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