Kannaway™ Set to Reveal New Rev!ve™ Pro-X at Red Carpet Event in Arizona

At a premier event this weekend, cannabis’s first direct marketing company, Kannaway™, will release its new Rev!ve product, Rev!ve Pro-X.

A brand new product is set to be released at the Kannaway™ Red Carpet Event in Phoenix, Arizona, this weekend. Rev!ve™ Pro-X is the first Kannaway™ hemp oil supplement to contain no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound in cannabis that gets users high. For the first time, Rev!ve™ Pro-X allows Kannaway™ customers to use cannabidiol (CBD) supplements without exposure to even trace amounts of THC.  

New Rev!ve™ Pro-X also doesn’t contain Kannaway™’s proprietary Bi-Bong™ herbal blends. Because of this, Rev!ve™ Pro-X is the simplest hemp oil product Kannaway™ offers, mixing just MCT oil and 99% pure CBD, for a pure, all-natural CBD supplement.

For years, competing athletes have been coming out in favor of medical marijuana. However, they are running into restrictive cannabis testing policies from their respective sport’s governing bodies. Despite opposition from their league, NFL players have been some of the most vocal of these athlete advocates for the use of medical marijuana. These regulations testing for cannabis use force athletes to choose between undesirable side effects or face sanctions.

Those in the front lines of our health and safety services can also benefit from Rev!ve™ Pro-X. First responders face stress and physical exhaustion daily in their jobs. Rev!ve™ Pro-X offers these firefighters, EMTs, and police officers a non-intoxicating source of CBD.

Parents of small children may be interested in giving their children a CBD supplement but have second thoughts due to non-psychoactive CBD hemp oil’s trace levels of THC. For these parents, a product like Rev!ve™ Pro-X allows them to add CBD to their children’s diets without exposing their children to THC.

Kannaway™’s new Rev!ve™ Pro-X brings access to CBD hemp oil to a whole new market, often consisting of those who need the benefits of CBD the most. The company’s creation of Rev!ve™ Pro-X demonstrates their commitment to innovation in their mission to bring healthy CBD to everyone.

Kannaway™’s newest product will be revealed Saturday, August 7th, at the company’s Red Carpet Event in Phoenix, Arizona.