CMW Media to Sponsor “Children and Cannabis, Safety and Health” at Southern California Cannabis Conference and Expo

CMW Media is proud to present Children and Cannabis, Safety & Health at this year’s Southern California Cannabis Conference and Expo, San Diego’s premier cannabis conference to be held at the convention center downtown August 6-7.

As we have seen time and again in legalization efforts across the nation, children have the greatest potential to change the face of cannabis in this country, with campaigns like Hope4Harper working to raise awareness for the positive effects cannabis can have on special needs children.

HempMeds® has been on the forefront of this movement from the beginning. Already shipping CBD hemp oil products to all 50 states and more than 40 countries worldwide, the company was the first to export cannabis-based products to several Latin American countries, including to young epileptic girls in both Brazil and Mexico.

The families of young children are helping drive the conversation around cannabis reform by sharing the amazing results they have personally seen in their children. This presentation will be hosted by CMW Media’s Andrew Hard and include a pair of unique voices in the fight for cannabis reform.

Brian Higuera:

Brian Higuera is the father of 3 year old Sadie, who was born with Schinzel-Giedion syndrome, a rare genetic disease that causes severe developmental delay, organ and bone abnormalities, and seizures. Given mere months to live, Sadie’s symptoms were placated only by a series of harsh medications that left her bloated and sickly. At one point, the Higuera family was given the choice to give Sadie a medication that would ultimately end her life.

That was an option the family wouldn’t take, and the family is very happy with their decision. As evidence of her progress, Sadie passed a milestone this past spring when she attended her first day of school, less than a week after celebrating her 3rd birthday. Sadie’s new school is a special needs preschool attached to the Ramona Elementary School.

During the presentation, Brian will share his family’s experience for his daughter and the rest of his family.

Lily Howard:

The Children and Cannabis presentation will also feature 8 year old Lily Howard, big sister to Harper, who was diagnosed at a young age with a rare form of childhood epilepsy, CDKL5. Harper’s condition would dominate the family’s reality for years, requiring their full attention and leading to the creation of Hope4Harper. Sadly, the Texas family lost their daughter Harper this past winter when she succumbed to complications from her disease. The Howards decided to donate Harper’s brain cells for gene research in San Diego to help find a cure for neurological diseases like Harper’s.

Already a spokesperson for the Hope4Harper organization, established to help spread awareness for her sister’s condition, Lily offers a rare perspective from the sibling of a cannabis kid. Lily will share what it is like to grow up in a special needs family when much of the attention is placed on another family member. Recognizing the need to affirm all of their children, the Howards helped Lily organize Love Day, her own creation meant to reinforce the need for love in every life.  

Read more of the Higuera’s and Howard’s stories at CannaEffect or visit the Southern California Cannabis Conference and Expo website to buy tickets to the event.