Medical Marijuana, Inc. Joins the Higuera family on Daughter Sadie’s Remarkable First Day of School

Despite being given only months to live, Sadie Higuera, now 3 years old, passed a milestone by enrolling in Ramona Elementary School this week.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. was proud to be on hand to help the Higuera family celebrate their daughter Sadie’s first day of preschool. Our team is humbled by the Higueras’ perseverance and feels privileged to have gotten to know them through the family’s interaction with HempMeds®. Sadie’s story continues to touch and inspire us everyday.Sadie First Day of School 3                Sadie First Day of School 2
Sadie was all smiles as she posed for the camera for the traditional first day of school photos.

Just days after celebrating her 3rd birthday, Sadie started a new chapter in her life by enrolling in school. She was dressed in her special customized “Off to School” shirt, made by her sister, and had plenty of grins for the camera as the family was eager to document her incredible achievement.

Sadie’s mother, Damaris, commented on this exciting new experience for her daughter, saying, “she’s going to make new friends… and have therapies that are going to help her move forward.”

The first day of school is a milestone all kids should get to experience, but one that Sadie almost didn’t get to know. Sadie was born with Schinzel-Giedion syndrome, a rare genetic disease that causes severe developmental delay, organ and bone abnormalities, and seizures. Given mere months to live, Sadie’s symptoms were placated only by a series of harsh medications that left her bloated and sickly.

When even these treatments started to fail to show results, Sadie’s parents were given the choice of giving Sadie a “hero pill” that would ultimately end her life. However, that was not an option her parents were willing to take, and they labored to find something else. It is through that determination that Sadie has achieved what she has.

Sadie’s homeschool teacher, who had been coming to work with her for an hour each week, suggested that Sadie be tested for acceptance into a nearby school, showing just how far she has come since her diagnosis.

Sadie’s new school is a special needs preschool attached to the Ramona Elementary School.

Sadie worked with half a dozen different teachers at the school and got to try the school’s facilities, including learning stations like a sand pit for sensory activities, before starting school.

At the school, Sadie will have a mix of therapy and educational programs designed to challenge her cognitive and physical abilities. She will be attending class for three hours a day, four days a week, and her classes will be mostly developmental, like a communications class and a sensory class. Sadie will also receive plenty of specialized attention from the school’s staff. She will have a physical therapist and an occupational therapist, as well as a teacher and a counselor.

In celebrating his daughter, Brian acknowledged that, “All the people rooting for Sadie and helping us along the way, RSHO™, and HempMeds® have been a huge part in getting her here today.”

We at Medical Marijuana, Inc. are excited to be involved in Sadie and her family’s accomplishment today. The Higuera family’s strength and courage in the face of Sadie’s disease is inspiring to all.