Medical Marijuana, Inc. Provides CBD Products on the MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet to Help Normalize the Use of Cannabis


Medical Marijuana, Inc. sponsored a booth on the red carpet at this year’s MTV Movie Awards, educating attendees about the health benefits of cannabis and giving away CBD hemp oil products to movie fans, celebrities, members of the media, and brand influencers.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text]The MTV Movie Awards were held on Saturday night in front of a packed house at the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California, and aired the following night on April 10th. One of the premier movie events hosted in Los Angeles, the MTV Movie Awards draw celebrities and influencers from across a number of industries for a raucous evening celebrating this year’s best in movie moments.

The MTV Movie Awards have carried an air of irreverence since debuting in 1992, with past award categories including Most Desirable Male, Best Sandwich in a Movie, and Best Shirtless Performance. This year was no different, providing a number of attention grabbing moments from hosts Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. The status quo challenging atmosphere of the event provided the perfect showcase for products made with cannabis, which is enjoying an unprecedented surge in popularity in recent years thanks in large part to widespread acceptance among millennials.

Anticipation swirled around this year’s event with the popular film Star Wars: The Force Awakens taking in double digit award nominations, but the real winners were found backstage. Medical Marijuana, Inc. hosted a booth backstage at the red carpet where our team offered samples of our CBD hemp oil products to attendees. Brand ambassadors were on hand to answer questions about CBD and spread the word about the Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio of companies.

Putting two of our popular products into the hands of celebrities, journalists, and influencers, Medical Marijuana, Inc. hopes to end the stigma surrounding cannabis by normalizing the use of CBD. Visitors to the booth were able to sample products from two of our top selling lines, HempVAP® and Cannabis Beauty Defined™.

HempVAP® was the first CBD hemp oil vaporizer on the market. These slender vape pens contain no THC and no nicotine, avoiding the “buzz” or “high” other vape pens leave you with. Rather, HempVAP® botanical cartridges are filled with flavored CBD hemp oil for a tobacco free alternative to smoking.

Cannabis Beauty Defined™ is a line of anti-aging skin care products distributed by Kannaway™. Formulated by expert herbalists, Cannabis Beauty Defined™ introduces natural CBD from full spectrum hemp oil for the first time in high-end skin care.

Among those stars who stopped to learn about our products and pose for pictures were former Indianapolis Colt Weslye Saunders and Caroline Pearce (model, fitness expert, heptathlete, and former American Gladiator, Ice). Medical Marijuana, Inc. is excited to put our products in the hands of athletes and health and fitness experts who have the ability and the following to extend the reach of our brands.

Also in attendance at the Medical Marijuana, Inc. booth were Zoe Williams, humanist and contributor to The Guardian, recording artist Charley Cole, Camryn Howard from the MTV Movie Award winning film Straight Outta Compton, and Malea Rose from Kidnapped and Lauren Shaw of Zero Dark Thirty.

This isn’t the first time cannabis products have featured prominently at awards shows.  In 2014, Sarah Silverman famously showed off her favorite accessory, a super slim vape pen, in front of the Emmy’s red carpet cameras, while earlier this year Leonardo DiCaprio was caught vaping an unknown substance from his vape pen several times during the SAG awards.

As market influencers learn about and interact with CBD products from Medical Marijuana Inc., they will be more likely to use these products in their everyday lives and share their experiences with their followers and the media. Medical Marijuana Inc. plans to continue to take advantage of the branding opportunities offered by these large media events to further normalize the use of cannabis based medical and lifestyle products.

Does this strategy work? Of course. The very next day Cannabis Beauty Defined was featured in Vogue Magazine, by a journalist we met at the event.

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