Medical Marijuana Inc. Welcomes Blake Schroeder to Executive Team

We’re extremely excited to introduce Blake Schroeder, who will be joining Medical Marijuana Inc. as Vice President of Operations and will serve as Chief Executive Officer of our portfolio company, Kannaway. Schroeder brings significant executive level experience in multiple international sales organizations.

“Blake has tremendous pedigree in the multi-level marketing space as well as the world of natural products,” said Medical Marijuana Inc. CEO Stuart Titus. “His proven track record and leadership experience makes him an ideal candidate to bring forth the promise of Medical Marijuana, Inc. and Kannaway.”

“We want Blake to be an integral part of many decisions and product strategy, as the CBD market remains well underdeveloped,” Titus added. “In the first few months we are looking for him to provide strategies and contacts to expand domestic as well as international sales. We look for new life and energy with the Kannaway family within the second quarter 2016.”

Before joining Medical Marijuana Inc. and Kannaway, Schroeder was the Chief Operating Officer of Forevergreen International, where he was responsible for global operation of the multinational organization, including oversight of a global supply chain. He holds a B.S. in Finance from Utah State University and a law degree from Syracuse University College of Law.

“My career has been in marketing natural products, and opening international marketplaces to those products,” Schroeder said when asked about the strengths and experiences that will make him a valuable asset to Medical Marijuana, Inc. “Medical Marijuana, Inc. is a company with incredible natural products that can and should be marketed and sold, and more importantly, consumed, all over the world.”

As Blake got to know our executive team, and vice versa, it was obvious there was great chemistry. “I was invited to spend time with the management of Medical Marijuana, Inc. and after a few visits I was crystal clear about the vision and passion behind the company, as well as the opportunity to lead in an emerging space,” he said. “The choice was simple.”

“I’ve helped direct sales organizations flourish throughout my career. The Kannaway and Medical Marijuana Inc. stories need to be shouted from the rooftops, all over the world. I will help the companies develop an inclusive message that can attract people of all types.”

We look forward to Blake making a huge impact in 2016 and beyond!