[HempMeds® Mexico] Our Visit to the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine Mexico’s Conference

Our CEO Stuart Titus and representatives from our new division, HempMeds® Mexico, attended A4M Mexico’s recent conference, where Stuart was also a featured guest speaker. Watch the video below to get a look!

Narration by Stuart Titus:
“The A4M event in Mexico City was significant for Medical Marijuana Inc.  This was the first medical conference in Mexico for HempMeds, attended by many Latin American medical professionals interested in the latest advances in patient care, as well as those therapeutic approaches that hold future promise.  Twelve days prior to the event, the regulatory authorities in Mexico allowed our Company’s RSHO-X product to be imported via doctor prescription.


Our RSHO-X is the first cannabis-based product to be allowed within Mexico and truly signified the end of the failed “War on Drugs” – by excluding certain cannabis-based products from those of “illicit drugs”.  Our RSHO-X product is also the first cannabis based product to qualify for World Anti-Doping standards.


At the A4M event in Mexico City, Medical Marijuana Inc unveiled its HempMeds Mexico subsidiary to provide sales and distribution of our products within Mexico.  Further, the Company has assisted a charitable group “Por Grace Por Todos” to assist those families with potential need for our product within Mexico and Latin America.


The A4M event included many medical doctors with varying specialties and particularly those with practices geared toward integrative treatment modalities and natural botanical products.  There was significant presence by the local media, including Forbes, local television, numerous newspapers and other publications.  


During the event I had an opportunity to educate the doctors and group of listeners (including patients and interested parties) on the emerging “legal cannabis industry” and particularly on the therapeutic aspects of the cannabis extracts, known as cannabinoids.  HempMeds Mexico made numerous contacts and explored opportunities to work with the medical community to further their understanding of hemp-based CBD products and establish the basis for future clinical studies.”