Chile Marijuana Laws

Personal use of marijuana is illegal but decriminalized in Chile. The sale, transport and large-volume cultivation of marijuana, however, are illegal. Recently, Chile removed marijuana from a list of dangerous drugs and authorized pharmacies to sell cannabis-derived medicines.

Current Legislation

The use and possession of marijuana are illegal but have been decriminalized in Chile. Law 20.000, passed in 2005, decriminalized both private and personal marijuana use. Personal possession, however, is subject to minor fines, community service or participation in a rehabilitation program. The law does penalize marijuana consumption that occurs in groups, and the distinction of whether the incident is attributed to personal group use or selling or trafficking, both of which are illegal and more seriously penalized, is left to the discretion of the judge. Trafficking of marijuana is subject to jail terms of 5 to 15 years for large quantities and 541 days to 5 years for small quantities. The cultivation of cannabis is illegal and penalized unless the individual can justify that it is exclusively for personal consumption and for short-term use.

The cultivation and use of industrial hemp, on the other hand, is legal in Chile. Purchasing, using and consuming hemp oil is also legal.

Medical Marijuana Laws

In December 2015, Chilean President Michelle Brachelet signed a measure that removed marijuana from a list of dangerous drugs, which allows medical patients to use cannabis freely without having to face negative repercussions. The decree also authorized the sale of cannabis-derived medicines at pharmacies. In October of 2014, Chile planted its first crop of medical marijuana as part of a government-approved program.


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