France Marijuana Laws

Cannabis is currently illegal in France. However, recently cannabis-based drugs were approved for treating intractable conditions.

Current Legislation

The use, possession, cultivation, sale and purchase of cannabis are illegal in France. The maximum punishment of cannabis consumption is 1 year of prison or a fine of up to € 3750. If possessing large amounts of cannabis, an individual could be prosecuted as a drug trafficker. Cultivating cannabis is punishable up to 20 years of imprisonment or with a fine of up to € 7 500 000.

Industrial hemp is legal in France. Cultivars must stick to growing only a specific 20 strains, all of which contain less than 0.2% THC. Hemp seeds are also legal, but planting the seeds is not allowed. Purchasing, using and consuming hemp oil is also legal.

Medical Marijuana Laws

Currently, medical cannabis is not legal in France. However, in June 2013, an amendment to the Public Health Code authorized cannabis-based medicine, like the THC drug, Sativex. The cannabis medicines are only allowed with a prescription and after no other treatments are relieving suffering.


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