Why Hemp and Not Marijuana?

Hemp has a long and storied history in the United States, and it’s making a comeback. But that is far from the only reason why our primary focus is on hemp and CBD instead of marijuana and THC.

  • A booming, sustainable market. Hemp oil and hemp finished products are a $620M/year (and growing) legal import market. As of early 2015, twenty states have laws that permit domestic hemp cultivation and over 300 Native American tribal reservations that are permitted to grow hemp.
  • Healthy, not high. CBD exhibits almost all the same therapeutic benefits of THC, but without incapacitation/intoxication. This makes natural CBD ideal for mainstream consumer markets and, therefore, millions of additional consumers across the globe.
  • Following federal law. Marijuana and THC are considered Schedule I drugs, illegal federally (despite state laws) and illegal in most countries. Hemp products and/or CBD found naturally in hemp are legal in the United States and in dozens of countries worldwide.
  • Providing cannabinoids for more research. By operating in the legal hemp market, we are able to support clinical science and innovations that are inaccessible to those who are in breaking overarching federal law by cultivating or selling marijuana.
  • Advancing compassion. Our goal from the outset was to help people, whether it’s through promoting better nutrition from hemp or advocating for and financially supporting life-saving therapeutic breakthroughs.
  • Supporting science. Cannabinoids from hemp are freely available for clinical research, and we are able to provide them to research institutions worldwide.