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Medical Marijuana Inc. owns 80% of HempMeds®
Not only is HempMeds® the first distributor and retailer of CBD hemp oil products, they’ve also become the largest. As it currently stands, HempMeds® services all 50 US states and over 40 countries across the globe, extending the benefits of CBD products direct to consumers, brick & mortar resellers, and in bulk to product formulators and other organizations.

Only a few short years ago, most people didn’t know there was a non-psychoactive, legal alternative to medical marijuana products. HempMeds® has stepped in to provide that exact solution for the industry with their CBD hemp oil product lines.

Their mission is simple: bring quality CBD hemp oil products to a burgeoning, global market. For HempMeds®, this begins at the hemp seed and continues all the way to your doorstep, with quality and consistency standards held higher than anything else.

HempMeds® believes that science is their biggest ally as they constantly improve and innovate their products. As such, the team has devoted a considerable amount of resources to cannabinoid research, professional education, and product development.

Their flagship product, Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™), relies upon centuries of traditional hemp cultivation practices and strict EU regulations to ensure impeccably pure CBD hemp oil. Further, RSHO™ passes all US federal requirements for open importation.

HempMeds® continuously scrutinizes and improves their processes to meet all regulations and exceed quality standards. RSHO™ is the first ever CBD hemp oil to be inspected and tested at ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited food safety laboratories: HempMeds® guarantees no genetically modified ingredients, pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or dangerous contaminants are used in the making of their products.

Paired with their cohort of farmers, who have been cultivating land for generations, HempMeds® is excited to be on the cutting edge of an emerging industry. Alongside their team of hemp pioneers and natural product experts, drawing on their talents to offer the highest quality consumer products that feature clean, premium, and complete CBD oil.

To put it simply, HempMeds® is your Trusted CBD Source™.

HempMeds® offers retailers and consumers a variety of the leading nutritional supplements that feature CBD hemp oil. These products are available in all 50 states and 40 countries around the world. HempMeds® is the leading retailer for the legal cannabis industry’s top CBD hemp oil product lines, including Real Scientific Hemp Oil™, Dixie Botanicals, Cibdex and Cibaderm.

RSHO is the world’s most trusted CBD hemp oil brand, focusing on being healthy, not high. Over 100,000 HempMeds® customers around the globe have come to trust and rely on RSHO™ for CBD from hemp oil, delivered right to their doorstep.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ CBD hemp oil ranges from 15% to 38% CBD content, and is offered in four varieties:

RSHO™ Blue Label (17% CBD): The most popular version of HempMeds® CBD hemp oil. Blue Label goes through decarboxylation, a heating process that converts the naturally occurring CBDa into CBD. Blue Label also contains all the natural plant matter found in the hemp stalk, which is what separates it from the Gold and Green varieties.

RSHO Gold CBD Hemp Oil 3g Tube

RSHO™ Gold Label (24% CBD): Gold Label is decarboxylated, like the HempMeds® Blue Label product, and then goes through an additional filtration process. The result is a golden oil with great taste and smooth consistency as well as a potent level of CBD content.

RSHO Green Label 10g Tube
RSHO™ Green Label
 (15% CBD)
: The raw variety of HempMeds’® Real Scientific Hemp Oil, Green Label is as close as you can get to juicing the hemp plant. Because it is non-decarboxylated, Green Label is a great source of CBDa.

RSHO™ Special Blend
(38% CBD): This is the highest concentration CBD hemp oil HempMeds® has ever released for sale. The special blend of the HempMeds® RSHO™ Blue and Gold label CBD hemp oil varieties provides the best of both worlds, and has a consistency similar to coconut oil at room temperature.

Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ is also offered in a variety of other delivery methods:

RSHO CBD Hemp Oil Capsules
RSHO™ Capsules: There are three different varieties of RSHO™ Capsules infused with Green, Blue, or Gold Label RSHO™ in 25mg quantities. Each RSHO™ Capsule also contains 200mg of calcium and 200mg of the HempMeds® proprietary blend of powdered turmeric root and white willow bark. It’s all housed in a vegan, delayed-release capsule.

RSHO CBD Hemp Oil LiquidRSHO™ Liquid: Every bottle of RSHO™ Liquid contains 1,000mg of CBD combined with MCT oil in a 4 fl. oz. bottle. Like other RSHO™ product offerings, you can order Green, Blue, and Gold Label RSHO™ CBD hemp oil.

RSHO™ Tinctures (100mg and 500mg CBD): The RSHO™ tinctures are available in both 1 and 2 fl. oz. offerings, containing 100mg and 500mg of CBD, respectively. The CBD is combined with MCT 60/40 oil, derived from coconut and sustainably sourced palm oils. RSHO™ Tinctures are made with the RSHO™ Blue Label, decarboxylated CBD hemp oil.
RSHO™ Salve
: Each jar of RSHO™ Salve contains 50mg of CBD paired with almond oil, beeswax, camphora essential oil, and HempMeds® unique herbal extract.

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Dixie Botanicals CBD Hemp Oil Supplement

The Dixie Botanicals™ product line infuses CBD hemp oil with nutritious, innovative botanicals geared towards health conscious consumers. Their formulation experts include scientists, clinical herbalists, and nutritionists who integrate CBD hemp oil into uniquely effective CBD products, like:

Dew Drops: Dixie Botanicals™ Dew Drops contain full spectrum CBD hemp oil in a vegetarian, soy-free, naturally flavored formula sweetened with stevia.

Hemp Oil Supplement Capsules: Dixie Botanicals™ Hemp Oil Supplement Capsules contain micro-encapsulated full spectrum CBD hemp oil in vegan capsules.

Hemp Oil Salvation Balm: Dixie Botanicals™ deeply moisturizing CBD Hemp Oil Salvation Balm offers relief from everyday discomforts. This luxurious super formula of cocoa butter and beeswax combines fragrant botanical oils and CBD hemp oil.

Purchase Dixie Botanicals™ CBD hemp oil supplements directly from Medical Marijuana Inc.

Cibdex CBD Hemp Oil Supplement Logo

Cibdex™ dietary supplements are designed specifically as convenient, daily CBD hemp oil options.

Cibdex CBD Hemp Oil SupplementAll Cibdex™ products contain a pure CBD hemp oil formula that’s all natural, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher, which accommodates many strict dietary requirements. The purity, consistency, and quantity of HempMeds® CBD makes Cibdex™ the most convenient and cost-effective way to get natural CBD hemp oil: it’s the natural choice for everyday CBD.

CBD Tincture: The 1 oz CBD tincture contains 100mg CBD, and the 2oz CBD tincture contains 500mg CBD – both from the mature stalk of the hemp plant. Available in vanilla, peppermint, or unflavored.

CBD Capsules: Cibdex™ CBD capsules are made from the same proprietary, non-GMO hemp and are available in both 10 and 30 count bottles. Each capsule contains 25mg CBD from the mature stalk of the hemp plant, and are widely considered the most convenient way to add CBD hemp oil to your daily routine.

Click here to learn more about Cibdex ™ and purchase directly from Medical Marijuana Inc.

Cibaderm CBD Hemp Oil Beauty Products

Cibaderm™ is a revolutionary personal care line infused with steam distilled botanicals and our Hemp CBD Complex™: a unique extraction of the hemp plant. Indulge your body and soul with the power of Cannabis Beauty™.

Your skin, hair, and nails will look healthier, more radiant, and more natural thanks to Cibaderm™.

The world’s first hemp CBD hair and body care line, Cibaderm™ contains no sulfates, phthalates, phylates, petroleum, or parabens. It’s also cruelty free, sustainably harvested, and non-GMO.

Cibaderm CBD Hemp Oil Beauty Products

Cibaderm ™ Hemp Calm Salve™:  Nourish any extra dry skin with the Hemp Calm™ intensive moisturizing salve. This never greasy, lightly scented herbal blend will change the way you think about moisturizing balms – for external use only.

Cibaderm™ Hemp Hydrate™ Hand Cream: Protect your skin with deep moisturizing Hemp Hydrate™ hand cream. The Hemp CBD Complex™ in Hemp Hydrate™ works with antioxidants like vitamin E to diminish the signs of aging and sun damage naturally – for external use only.

Cibaderm™ Hemp Nourish™ Body Lotion: Hemp Nourish™ relieves and replenishes dry skin with the rich moisture of our Hemp CBD Complex™ formula. It absorbs instantly for silky soft skin.

Cibaderm™ Hemp Fresh™ Body Wash: Purify and soothe your body and mind with our hydrating, luxurious Hemp Fresh™ Body Wash. Rich and invigorating, Hemp Fresh™ helps reveal your skin’s natural beauty every time you shower.

Cibaderm™ Hemp Soft™ Conditioner: Hemp Soft™ helps your hair repair itself naturally with the Hemp CBD Complex™ to rejuvenate, condition, and strengthen hair. Hemp powered herbal extracts also protect your hair from sun, styling, and environmental exposure. Hemp Soft™ works with all hair types, imparting weightless moisture and shine, and is safe for color treated hair.

Cibaderm™ Hemp Clean™ Shampoo: Our invigorating Hemp CBD Complex™ moisturizing shampoo brings out your hair’s natural luminescence. Hemp Clean™ is gentle cleansing and perfect for all hair types, including color treated hair. You’ll find no damaging sulfates or harsh chemicals, only natural, hemp infused luster and manageability.

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One of the things that has established HempMeds® and Medial Marijuana Inc. as industry leaders are their rigorous testing standards. They continuously test all their products with one of the top cannabis testing laboratories, Pro Verde Laboratories.

This is all to ensure that HempMeds® consumers get the levels of natural constituents they expect from quality hemp oil, like naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD). All of the products are also tested to ensure they’re safe for use and consumption. Not to mention, HempMeds® is adamant about sourcing hemp and CBD hemp oil from sustainable farms that don’t use pesticides, herbicides, genetically modified ingredients, or chemical fertilizers: they simply want the best for their customers.

HempMeds® also values transparency, so they produced a video that details the processes by which ProVerde Labs, their well-respected testing partner, tests the product. Learn more from ProVerde Labs CEO Dorian A. Des Lauriers in the video below:


Launch and First to Market

HempMeds® was formally established in December 2012, launching the mainstream CBD hemp oil industry, and they’ve been at the top ever since. Not only was HempMeds® the first CBD hemp oil distributor in the US, they were also the first to have their CBD hemp oil tested at ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited food safety laboratories. Alongside the development of Real Scientific Hemp Oil™, HempMeds® was also responsible for the release of Cannabis Beauty Defined™ and HempVAP, which were the first CBD hemp oil products in their categories.

HempMeds Brasil

Presence in Brazil

Being first to market with such a strong product helped HempMeds® has been able to build a robust presence in Brazil, supplying the first ever legal cannabis products in the country via their partnership with HempMeds® Brasil. Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ (RSHO™) has since been approved by the Brazilian Government as a prescription medication, is legal for importation, and is fully subsidized for prescription usage.  

HempMeds' Asia Expansion

Asian Expansion Efforts

HempMeds® secured an exclusive distributor in South Korea responsible for the marketing and sale of HempMeds® RSHO™ products. The initial purchase order of products was for $2 million with an additional $3 million required by the end of the 2015 calendar year. Further, the terms of the contract dictate that sales continue through 2016, totaling up to $2.5 million with benchmark increases through 2018.

HempMeds Manufacturing Partnership

US Manufacturing Partnership

International partnerships and expansion efforts have been fortuitous for HempMeds®, and they didn’t have to sacrifice their foothold on US markets to secure them. In fact, HempMeds® signed a major US manufacturer for sourcing the RSHO™ Gold Label CBD hemp oil. The sourcing agreement was for a minimum of $2.5 million over a 12 month period and is the second official contract HempMeds® executed after their Asian partnership.

hempmeds booth

Events and Community Building

Throughout all of their success, HempMeds® continues to work in local community events, like the New York Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo. They’ve also been instrumental in building San Diego as a legal cannabis hub with their sponsorship of the San Diego Professionals Cannabis Cup, among many other industry events they’ve sponsored nationwide. With over 100,000 customers, HempMeds® is fast expanding and has no plans to slow down anytime soon.