Sessions, Trump, and Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s Diversified Approach to the Cannabis Industry

Throughout his campaign, Trump took an open minded stance on legalized marijuana, proclaiming himself a supporter of state’s rights. However, since taking the White House, Trump’s administration has changed its tone, creating a sense of apprehension within the cannabis industry.

First, White House spokesman Sean Spicer hinted that the government would likely step up its enforcement of drug laws.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a conference of state attorneys general that he is “dubious” about the benefits of pot. He reiterated those concerns in an interview with conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt a short time later.

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“Marijuana is against federal law, and that applies in states where they may have repealed their own anti-marijuana laws. So yes, we will enforce law in an appropriate way nationwide,” Sessions said. “It’s not possible for the federal government, of course, to take over everything the local police used to do in a state that’s legalized it. And I’m not in favor of legalization of marijuana. I think it’s a more dangerous drug than a lot of people realize.”

Trump, himself, has delivered mixed messages on marijuana. In the 1990s, he called for legalizing and regulating all drugs. While on the campaign trail last year, he emphasized his support for medical marijuana and his deference to states to pass their own laws regulating the substance. However, his stance, and that of his administration, has become murkier.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the fate of the cannabis industry during these turbulent years, it is important for a company invested in cannabis to keep a diverse set of business interests.

CBD Hemp Oil Products

Since 2012, Medical Marijuana, Inc. has been selling CBD hemp oil products through portfolio companies like HempMeds® and Kannaway®. The first company to sell cannabis products over state lines, we have successfully sold our CBD hemp oil products to hundreds of thousands customers worldwide.

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Derived from imported European hemp, our CBD oil products are federally legal to sell and ship to all 50 U.S. states, as well as to 40 countries internationally. We sell our CBD-infused products like tinctures, pure hemp oils, salves, MCT oil-based liquids, and skin and hair care products through popular brands like Real Scientific Hemp Oil™ and Dixie Botanicals®. Hemp oil products like those from Medical Marijuana, Inc. fill an important gap in legal access to cannabinoids for many in the U.S. and abroad.

Cannabinoid-Based Pharmaceuticals

Two of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s portfolio companies, AXIM® Biotechnologies and Kannalife™ Sciences, are developing cannabinoid-based medications for a variety of conditions, including CTE, Alzheimer’s disease, glaucoma, IBS, eczema and psoriasis, and more.

Late last year, AXIM® Biotechnologies released a new drug development pipeline that includes nearly a dozen conditions for which AXIM® is creating new treatments. This pipeline includes Phase 3 clinical trials for its MedChew® RX for the pain and spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis, as well as trials for CanChew® Plus for irritable bowel syndrome.

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Kannalife™ Sciences has
synthesized a CBD-like molecule that is both 400 times less toxic and 50 times more potent than molecular CBD, making it a more viable medical application than cannabis-derived CBD. Using this new molecule, Kannalife™ Sciences is developing medications for a pair of degenerative brain conditions, CTE and HE.

International Expansion

Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first to ship cannabis-based products to a number of new markets, including to Brazil, Mexico, and Paraguay, through our international branches HempMeds® Brasil and HempMeds® Mexico.

Our portfolio of companies continues to eye further international expansion as more countries begin to open their policies to hemp-derived CBD products. Whether accepted as a wellness product, nutritional supplement or prescription medication, Medical Marijuana, Inc. is prepared to work closely with local governments to ease access to cannabinoids for anyone in need.

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In the face of uncertainty over the future of the cannabis industry, Medical Marijuana, Inc. confidently presses on, secure in the legality of all our ventures and sure of our business foundation due to our diverse interests in the cannabis space.

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