Kannaway Reaches Momentous Growth Over Past Year, Seeks Expansion in 2017

In the last thirteen months, Kannaway® has grown eleven times over, increasing its total number of brand ambassadors and generating higher sales than ever before in the company’s history as it charts its way as a pioneer in the CBD hemp oil industry.

Kannaway®’s acceleration in growth was kickstarted by President of Kannaway® Brad Tayles and CEO Blake Schroeder last year when they first began a relaunch of Kannaway® that included a new website, new products, and new tools to enhance the experience of all of Kannaway®’s brand ambassadors.

Since March of 2016, the company has grown its customer base by 500 percent, leading to an increase of overall revenue of 1,100 percent. Kannaway® distributes CBD hemp oil products like their popular Rev!ve™ herbal supplements, Cannabis Beauty Defined® anti-aging skin care, and their flagship Premium Hemp Oil.

A large part of Kannaway®’s success was the events hosted by the company across the country in cities like Denver, New York, Phoenix, and San Diego. These events included the Genesis National Conference and over a half dozen regional Red Carpet events. Events like these are critical to spreading the Kannaway® message and strengthening the Kannaway community of brand ambassadors.

Kannaway CBD

Ultimately, Kannaway®’s 11x growth would have been impossible without the company’s dedicated brand ambassadors. It was their hard work recruiting new brand ambassadors and selling Kannaway’®s popular CBD oil products that made the difference. Each new leg of the organization increases the reach of Kannaway®’s CBD supplements.

Kannaway® is hosting its Ignite! National Conference in Arizona later this month. A chance for the Kannaway® family from around the globe to come together and celebrate this landmark growth, the Ignite! event is a unique opportunity for the company’s brand ambassadors to network, learn from Kannaway®’s best, and hear exciting news developing in the Kannaway® community.

The company also recently announced its planned expansion into European markets. Kannaway® Europe is expected to be operational by the end of 2017.

“We are extremely excited to become the first direct selling company featuring phyto-cannabinoid based products to have operations in Europe and to share our products, culture and mission throughout Europe,” said Blake.

As part of this planned expansion, Kannaway® has hired Jakub Duda as Operations Director. Prior to his new role at Kannaway® Europe, Duda worked with Schroeder running two successful European businesses – each grossed in excess of $50 million per year.

At ForeverGreen International, Schroeder drove the rebranding and growth of the company’s line of nutritional supplements in Europe. At MonaVie, he substantially grew the company’s European product line. Together, Duda and Schroeder will apply their European direct marketing experience to establishing and successfully growing Kannaway® Europe.

“We are very excited about the growth Kannaway® is having and the success our customers and brand ambassadors are having both health wise and financially,” Schroeder said. “We are changing people’s lives and helping families at the same time. We look forward to an incredible 2017.”

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