Our Purpose - Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC: MJNA)

Our Purpose

Healthy, not high. We are using cannabis to make the world a better place.

Cannabis is changing everything. We are in business to ensure that the most people benefit from cannabis, worldwide. We are here to support and grow this important industry, securing a future for all by harnessing the incredible potential of this amazing, misunderstood plant.


Our goal is to be a company that sets and exceeds standards, and helps people think about cannabis in a new way: as a staple of healthy diets and healthy lives.

Hemp is an inextricable part of our shared human history and American history. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were hemp farmers, and we want to follow in their footsteps and do our part to make America great again. Our goals are to bring cannabis products to the world, educate the public about the plant’s value, and change the perception about hemp and marijuana into one that honors the valuable commodity that cannabis truly is.

We do what we do because we wanted to find a better way to make the benefits of cannabis available and accessible to everyone… and we found it. CBD is bringing cannabis to the mainstream.

RSHO hemp_oil

Our CBD hemp oil is at the core of our product offerings for a reason.

This powerful and unique hemp oil has a multitude of applications. It has enabled us to provide viable consumer products that open minds to cannabis on a national and international scale, while improving people’s lives every day.
Leveraging our pioneering science that resulted in the world’s first legal source of CBD, we continue to diversify our family of companies to include innovators who create the highest quality hemp and cannabis-related products, services, technologies and businesses.



We are in business to help people.

Cannabis has touched all of our lives on a personal level. Operating within the bounds of existing federal and international law via hemp allows us to help many more people — instead of limiting our innovations to legal marijuana states. This gives our work greater meaning, because it has enabled us to make such a significant impact on so many lives.


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